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Profile - Ross - International Mixtape Project
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This one's gonna rock the socks right outta yer ass!!!

About Me

Shrinkin' heads on the outer rim of Washington DC. Self professed "Music Smeagol"

Favorite Songs

Poptones (Paris in the spring version)- PIL

Ted....Just Admit it- Jane's Addiction

Dodante- My Morning Jacket

Providence- Sonic Youth

That's Entertainment- The Jam

Dog, End of a Day Gone By- Love and Rockets

Hair of the Dog- Bauhaus

The Lord's Prayer- Siouxsie & The Banshees

I'm the Man- Anthrax

Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos- Public Enemy

Tonight- TV on the Radio

Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath

Cher Chez la Ghost- Ghostface Killah

99 Problems- Jay-Z/Danger Mouse

St. Elsewhere- Gnarls Barkley

Feeling Yourself Disintergrate- Flamming Lips

Golden Age- Beck

Powerlines- Husker Du

Alex Chilton- The Replacments

Early Morning Rain- Tony Rice

Blame- Soul Coughing

Pattern Against User- At the Drive-In

One Way to Go- The Verve

Cargo Culte- Serge Gainsbourg

Makes Me Wanna Die- Tricky

Cicciolina- Pop Will Eat Itself

Up with People- Lambchop

West Palm Beach- Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Pushit- Tool

Rufus Xavier Sasparilla- Albert Andreas Armadillo

Favorite Artists

Jane's Addiction

My Morining Jacket

Pop Will Eat Itself



Flamming Lips


Red Sparrows

Tribe Called Quest


TV on the Radio

Public Enemy

At the Drive-In



The Roots

M. Ward

St. Etienne

Bauhause/Peter Murphy/Love & Rockets

Palace (Bros.)/- Bonnie "Prince" Billy/ Will Oldham

Favorite Albums

Nothing's Shocking- Jane's Addiction

Ænima- Tool

OK Computer- Radiohead

The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity- PWEI

Return To Cookie Mountain- TV on the Radio

Sea Change- Beck

Homogenic- Bjork

DSOTM- Pink Floyd

Bizzare Ride II- Pharcyde

Tim- The Replacements

Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures

Talking Timbuktu- Ry Cooder & Ali Farka Toure

3ft High and Rising- De La Soul

Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven- Love & Rockets

Bitches Brew- Miles Davis

Paul's Boutique- Beastie Boys

Come On Pilgrim- The Pixies

Rather Ripped- Sonic Youth

I See a Darkness- Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Hunky Dory- David Bowie


Aha Shake Heartbreak- Kings of Leon

Achtung Baby!- U2

Pills Thrills and Bellyaches- Happy Mondays

Stone Roses- Stone Roses

Exit Planet Dust- Chemical Bros.

Recent Concerts

When I get a chance, anything of interest at the Black Cat or 9:30 club in DC.


Here's where it begins (ends?)

2007-02-05 19:47:35


Spring in DC

Perfect for driving down the GW PKWY on a cool April night (April 2007)

...just in time for summer

A generous helping of some of my favorite summer classics (May 2007)

A Fantastic Exercise in Futility

I took Mr. Mixtape's offer and tried to do the last 20 years. Should have made it a multi- volume. (March 2007)

Chef's Choice

Not IMP, but a mix I made in a trade with my buddy "The Duke"


Side trade for a certain Harpsicord mix

Dirty: Please Wash After Listening

The perfect antidote to Valentine's Day (February 2007)

DC to MN

Simple mix of the music I love from DC/MN (January 2007)


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Looking at some of your tastes, you would probably love Patrick Watson. ! Be Well -- Andy

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Ross, thanks so much for the Glam mix! It's really a lot of fun. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I wasn't able to give it a good listen right away. I've put it on my mp3 player and it's become part of my regular subway commute rotation. There are some really interesting choices that I'd never heard (The Darkness, that Brian Eno track, "Cherry Bomb"), and some that are always just plain fun to hear (Bowie, New York Dolls, Suzi, T. Rex, and SLADE of course). "Ballroom Blitz" is a perennial fave of course, and I swear I can't remember the last time I'd listened to "Shattered," which blew me away all over again. Anyway, thanks again for the great extracurricular mix action. Good stuff!


I knew a girl in college who was way too cool for me to date. She worked for the campus radio station and introduced my clueless soul to The Wolfgang Press, Ride, Eno, James, A Tribe Called Quest, and post-Genesis pre-Suckage Peter Gabriel. I could never pay her back, but once I did hold her hair while she was sick at a party.


Yeah, I know the Tool secret tracks - man, you should see how many I went through to get it down to one cd. Loads I wanted to include because they're weird or funny, but they don't stand up to repeat listens that much. I do these things for longevity to some extent. Sometimes.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Hey Ross, glad you're enjoying the extracurricular harpsichord action! Of course, since making it, I've heard like a million suitable songs that would've been perfect to include. Maybe a second volume needs to happen??? Hmmmm... I'm really looking forward to the glam! I will be sure to wear extra eyeliner and sequined spandex next week.


heyyy i really enjoyed your mix. what genius to put chapelle and patsy cline on the same mix! bob mould went to my school, too... anyway, liked it a lot, and thanks for adding such personal touches.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

re: Rock That Harpsichord Shit -- Hey Ross, sure, I'll do an extra-curricular swap with you. You can contact me with shipping info via popcans at canada dot com. -L.A. in N.Y.C.


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