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Jon / Southcoasting

About Me

Intelligent, witty, good-looking English guy...

Favorite Songs

How could I choose? For today...

Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane Radiohead - Street Spirit Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Who's gonna take the blame Bob Dylan - Yea, heavy and a bottle of bread Hurrah - Hip Hip Tim Buckley - Buzzin' Fly David Bowie - Heroes Josef K - Chance Meeting Showstoppers - Nothing But a House Party Beatles - Hey Jude My Bloody Valentine - You made me realise Dee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart Jackson 5 - A B C Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze John Lennon - Instand Karma Thunderegg - I'm a fool again Elliott Smith - L.A.

Favorite Artists

Beatles, Thunderegg, White Stripes, Flaming Lips, Viva Voce, Okkervil River, Richard Swift, Blitzen Trapper, Belle and Sebastian, Electric Soft Parade, Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Hiawatha Telephone Company, Woodland Recordings, Willkommen Records, The Great Park, Diamond Family Archive, Mid West Blues, Kristen McClement, Widewater,

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts


Top Ten from 2007

2007-12-05 15:21:44


2007-03-03 03:07:13

CD covers

2007-03-03 03:06:27


Lol & Syd

Soft autumnal bluesy folk mix

American Cities

A pre-monthly-email themed compilation

Long Songs

Not short songs

1-2-3-4-5 Mixtape. Go! Go! Go!

Numerical theme

No title


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hope you got march imp mix okay. let me know what you think of it!


thanks for my lol mix ... it is the perfect soundtrack to my autumn life


I'm not sure which Jon sent me the awesome cassette with "jollity farm" on it, but thanks. I think this is the best one I've gotten so far. It's become a very tired little tape.

Kristina Pia

oh oh and i still owe you! hanging my head in shame here. i have not forgotten. hold on!


Jon, your mix is on the way. Is the postal strike still going? That'd be the only hold-up now. Hope it's a hit. Steve


Thanks for the awesome mix!


hey man, i forgot i was sending this overseas otherwise i would have sent your mix earlier in the month. im posting it today, so, not sure how long it will take to get there but hopefully just 6-10 business days. :) hope you'll like junes mix.


Staines! Westside!