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i am the_rebellious_jukebox. do say if i've offended you.

About Me

male, 30+, Belfast, Norn Iron...ask away, i'll tell you no lies...

Favorite Songs

...waaaay too many to list...very dependent upon time of day or week, the weather and my general mood...

Favorite Artists

...those i grew up with, those that are too good to avoid, those that blew my mind, those that rock my world, those that someone special people got me into, those that i have discovered i NEED to get through life, those that mean what they do...

Favorite Albums

...the one's nearest my stereo, the newest one's i have got, the latest recieved on mixes, the one's i have bought more than once, the one's other people have correctly guessed i'd love, and my dad's...

Recent Concerts

...mostly anything or anyone on tour in Belfast that i can get to and are affordable, plus those sneaky ones who only tour in England when necessity demands...grrrr!


A Giant Gutter In Outer Space

2014-05-12 13:16:10

The Silver Scream

2014-05-12 13:11:33

Donations Welcome... RJ Mix 2013

2013-09-01 08:31:48

Let's Try That Again < RJ Selection 2013.

2013-07-27 15:46:41

RJ 6m 2013

2013-07-09 11:56:51

Me > You.

2013-07-07 12:30:46

Well, I Never... RJ Mix 2013

2013-06-22 09:54:02

aPod Mix

2013-06-08 12:39:11

Trouble Is My Business.

2013-04-05 14:42:27

a life, then death - RJ MIX - 03/13

2013-03-15 19:06:23

RJ 2013 #1 - A Spark Of Inspiration

2013-02-08 16:05:52

June 2012 Mix - Sid's Soggy Songs

2012-07-04 06:38:22

Blog Test #1 - Makin Mix Mates...

2009-05-29 11:35:12


Something uncomplicated

...just d.dd..ddd...DANCE!

Feathered Finds

chirpy chirpy cheep cheep


...pretty obvious really

A Giant Gutter In Outer Space

SEE BLOG .. like Rust told you too

The Silver Scream

who knew that all those movie stars could actually sing eh? ** SEE BLOG FOR TRACKS ***

The Silver Scream

who knew that all those movie stars could actually sing eh?

LEGO TWERK! (2013 Best Of...)

...traditional listage

Donations Welcome...

A Bloody Mix. T/L on my IMP Blog

Let's Try That Again.

A traditional covers mix...any mix'er worth their salt MUST do one a year. .. . TL on the blog page with link

RJ 6m 2013

Maybe it's my mood but most stuff in my '2013 So Far' folder is a bit NOISEY. TL on my blog...

Me > You.

I was there before you... TL on blog

Well, I Never...

Nudge, Nudge. Wink, Wink.


They started it... A mix of tunes made cos some arty chums forced me to...

Well, I Never...

Ffnarr fnnaar...nudge nudge...wink wink. See Blog for T/L etc.

Trouble Is My Business

..see blog for details and download 05.04.13

a life, then death.

...see blog for TL

A Spark Of Inspiration.

...see blog for details

sirsidneyp's #sofalympics mix

Ah f**k it, why not eh? A one night simple plundering of key- words mix, with just one (very easy to spot) actual olympic song* I sincerely doubt any of those athletes had these songs on their sneakily endorsed headphones...

Sid's Soggy Songs

...see blog for info

Tie A Knot

a cobbled pile of recent and ish bunged thru the mixer

Cowbell Hero

Sometimes the stoopidist ideas make the best mixes! So here's a mix from the songs i have in my library, taken from the songs me and my drunken chums came up with, plus some from the cowbell net- obsessives. It's got classic artists...funky disco + soul...rock new wavers..up to date fact i'd reckon most genres have a cowbell track or two in there somewhere?!

Stuck In My Head

Make a list of the stuff that gets stuck in your head during the's quite a disturbing discovery. Or is that just me?

End Of Year Best Bits 2010


I Tried Counting Sheep...

Nods to a mix i got a while back along these same lines...

I Heart NI

A mix of local current acts from Northern Ireland, where i live (obviously). None of them are me, my friends or my family either!

Inner Ear Balance

a cotton bud in your ear at the start of this new year...

if you want to know, you must go yourself

there is not a better mix made this there?!

Do I Not Love That?

It flows from the wow to the whoah to the why, with a big slab of the most romantic song ever(?) at the end

Ignore Paperback Advice

...a loudness led, drum doused, beat bred, rousing romp of new, old and all round genius tracks...enjoy you luck receivient you.

Hey There Little Insect...

Creepy Crawly Slithery Slimy Tunes

Don' Worry I'm Not Lookin At You

a creepy selection of songs...i could be right behind!

...many hundred miles [a duets mixtape]

the challenge was duets and that is what this is...tilted to the mournful side

Crazy Man Crazy

Everyone gets that way once in a while!

There Is No Mystery...

It all began with a "mystery track" and rolled into this drum led, heavy nodding monster...ENJOY!

Soulful Stompers

A mix in honour of Steve Jackson, an old colleague of mine + a legend in UK northern soul circles. He introduced me to these hidden gems...and much much more.

great mix themes #241 : weather

once you start making a weather mix you will have a hard job narrowing it down to anything half this awesome *cough*

Watchin' The Sun As The Day Closes

...a fireside end-of-year chillier days mix

A Slow Dumb Play


Some Musical Moments

A mix prompted by a theme set in another group i am in (shhh!) Basically these are tracks are etched into my life...some romance (pah!), some altered mindset (whoop!), and some when i branched basically it's Sex, Drugs & Rock'N'Roll..ha!

Round & Round - An Atomic Energy Mix

Created in my bunker deep under the Belfast hills, as i sat and waited for the Large Hadron Collider to create black holes that would suck us all towards an alternate reality...shame.


A mix of some dearly held favourite artists...tricky enough to squeeze onto a cd, but i went with some sorta flow rather than just flinging my 'most played tracks' on there! Hell i suppose most of us could do volumes of these kinda mixes. Now go investigate the joys i offer you...shhh!

The Stop Mix.

methods of making a mix # 732 have a thought about a song, struggle to recall it and so search in library only to discover loads of similar titled tracks...and voila!


Never mind The Who!

The Travel Mix.

...a themed idea from the other group i'm in.

medicine music

a selection from a playlist i made featuring covers, influences + soundalikes of Spiritualized and Spacemen 3 ...all hail Jason Pierce!

An 80's Guilt Mix know the type of mix!

Songs To Hear before You Die

For Xmas i got one of those list books - 1001 Albums You Must Heard Before You Die. It seemed a bit abrupt a demand, i am only a young man! But still i set about ticking off as many of the albums as i bank myself some years for the future! Here are just some of the tracks i came across in my collection...slung into a playlist and randomly burned!

Obligatory End Of Year Mix Pt.II

...see other part

A Convenient Way To Talk

...a mishy mash of long'n'short tunes, with something resembling a flow

Obligatory End Of Year Mix Pt.I

...what's a music fan to do but make lists eh? I would have included Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young + Richard Hawley too if my dad would give them back. And Maps would have been in too had it not walked from my car.

A Northen Grove Selection

My good chum Oli has an immense taste in music, he's shy though so i've scurried through some of his mixes to me so you can all know his tune_smarts!

You Will Not Like The Consequences Of Disobedience

...a bit of a head- long plunder of the darker, dancier side of my collection...inspire d by some late-night listenings

I Keep Falling Off To The Side

More aural soundscapey than intended lyrical thematics. Stare at the picture whilst listening to the your own daydreams!

Put Your Hands Together of my faves resurrected as i (re) discover stuff lost on my laptop...any tips on more clappy tracks greatly appreciated

You Got Your Reasons, I Got Mine / RJ_June 2007

...just a "i'm feeling sickly" pile through of recent-ish album tracks i like, kinda made for a mate...

Curiouser [part one] / RJ_May 2007 for the head!

A Sworn Enemy Of Convention / RJ_April '07

My April mix was kinda made for my good lady but it hung together so well i farmed it out to the IMP too! The title is a great quote from b&w screen ledge Hedy Lamarr, "I'm a sworn enemy of convention. I despise the conventional in anything, even the arts"...nice!


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I dawdled all month thinking I'd come up with a new mix but inspiration never hit me so I'm not only just getting your February mix mailed off, it's the mix I actually did for January and I could have dealt with it way earlier.


Hi Sid, your July mix left Sydney today (15th July)


Hey there Phillip, your October mix went out a few days ago (23/10)


Hey put your September mix in the mail today. Hope it gets to you in the next couple weeks.


4/18: Imagine my surprise when I saw that I was supposed to send your CD during the month of "March." I assumed "Springtime" was sufficient. Anywhoo, it left the US today. Hope it finds you well. James


Hey, I just realized you're my Feb. mix sendee; not January, so I'm not late at all.


Philip I wanted to let you know that I got your Jan. mix to me. It was great. I especially liked the Delton 3030 song and the Toy song. Thanks.


Hey, I'm your Jan. IMP're. I apologize, I thought I had sent you your mix; but obviously I haven't. It is in the mail as of the day after next (tomorrow's a holiday here and no mail).


Hey Sid! look out for a new mix landing on your doorstep soon. Hope it brings a smile to your face and kickstarts 2014. Cheers, Danny


Hi there and thank you for your "Donations" mix, I totally enjoyed it. I was familiar with most of the songs (I even put Killing Joke's LLB on my August mix for my IMP assignment!), but discovered some interesting gems as well (like Sons & Daughters). Also, whoever puts SLAYER in a mix is a cool and respectable person from my point of view. :)


Sir Sid, got the July mix and the little sumptin' sumptin' extra. Most appreciated. A delay on the trains this evening got me through most of it. Kyuss? Must look further into them. David Holmes? You know I love it. Thanks.


Sent out your March mix last week. Hope it finds you well!


your Feb. mix is going out today! sorry for the lateness, hopefully it'll get there soon


Hey RJB: Up for a side trade?


Hi reb juke, your May mix was mailed from Sydney today(7th May).

Thomas J

RJB - I sent a second copy of the March mix, let me know it got it you this time around and sorry for the lateness.


Hey there, apologies abound your way, totally forgot about the April mix, am sending it tomorrow morning. Hope it'll reach you soon!


Jan mix is on its way to you, hope it finds you well :) Happy New Year!


Hi Sid I got my November Mixes thank you!Merry Christmas!Trish


Hey man... your September mix should arrive within a week or so. Yes, it's November. Yes, I suck. But the mix is good. I think. Enjoy!


It's because we usually commune thru FB or Email my friend! I love the Lego profile pic!


I accidentally sent my Sept mix to the October person. Sorry about that, I'll get it right out. Angela


goodmorning ... your august mix has made its way over to little ol' nz safe & sound. popped it on to enjoy with our croissants & by crickey we are. cheers to you & your N.I.


June mix is on the way from the US. Sorry it is a bit late.


can you resend your email? don't see it for some reason. send to the highmark address again....


hey rebellious one....long time no swap. was just hitting the recycle button off the front page and your '80s Guilt mix came up. jonesing for a copy of that. anything you want out of my mix collection?


i'm always a month behind doing these. the holidays got going and i forgot all about it until just a couple of days ago. i'm mailing it monday morning. not sure how long it takes mail to get to you from Texas.


Hi! Your October mix is on its way...hope you enjoy it.


yo, just want to let you know that I have currently rediscovered your "Shh" mix and that it is completely hitting the spot right now. All the songs were new to me except for one (The Notwist) so there have been a lot of exciting discoveries. I tend to get into mixes a few songs at a time, so currently I just keep playing "Meteorology" and "Freewheel" over and over and over. They are AWESOME. thanks again! I realize it's been like a year since you made the mix, but figured that appreciation is always better late than never.


I saw the image of the Walkman and slipped into a time warp coma. After I came to I looked at your set list for '80's Guilt' mix. Really great stuff, I've been listening to 'Love Plus One' for three weeks now. My Eighties glut is capped off by a furious up-loading of "Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 9-90" and "Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol. 6-60". Would you lika mix swap side trade? (heart) Cornelius


Glad you liked the mix! Track #11, "Love Is Just A Dream" is by Johnny Clegg and Juluka.


Got the CD this past weekend. I popped it in my car's player on a gray, dreary Sunday. It was the perfect music for driving around town running errands. Interesting seeing how a soul compilation comes out after going through an Irish filter. That's one of the cool things about this site - not only the mixes and the tracks within them, but the musical perspectives behind them. Thanks for the mix! It will get more than a couple spins.


BTW - 'The Rebellious Jukebox' would be an awesome name for an indie music store....


what are the odds? was thinking of seeing if you wanted to do a side trade anyway - now i don't have to. can't wait to get it, props will follow


Hey! Your new year mix went out in the post from London today (6th Jan) - hope you like it! Cheer Martin


Glad you love the mix Sid! It's always great when someone digs what you put on a CD. It was created by using the Ted Leo RX track as the catalyst and moving on from there. With the exception of Frank Black, The Whigs, Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes, they are all artists that are pretty new to me. Most of the songs are recent discoveries. Ironically, I just got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago. (This CD wasn't playing though - would have been hilarious if it had been!)


I AM the November DJ! You will receive my mix! lol...It was sent out today. Saw some pretty nice creations in your Mixtapes.


hi there sorry about the delay for september, it's my first mix tape. i'm sending it tomorrow, and i hope you like it. cheers


i'm looking forward to it!


all right mr. rebellious jukebox, i've been remiss in sending your agosto mix. but i've gone and done it. thank heavens. it might be a little heavy on titles with the word president but i'm american and it's a pretty important topic at the moment. indulge me. *al


Really enjoyed the mix thanks very much! Loads of new stuff on there for me and reaklly well sequenced, I will send that email you suggested and I am very greatful to you for a smashing first mixtape! All the best.


Great - really looking forward to it. I'm off me hold on Friday so will be listening on the plane!!


Hey Thanks so much for the mix! I really dug it. Pura Vida

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Hey there! I got your nice email and just sent you a reply! Glad you like the mixes! ! ! !


I received your January mix in the mail. Thanks! Nope, I haven't listened to it yet but . . . Since one of my dogs is named Tilly, seeing that the first song is by Tilly and the Wall makes me feel pretty okay with the CD. Can't wait to hear it! Now I'll just continue to sit by the mailbox waiting for my December mix . . . Sheesh!


Hey Sidney, I'm sorry about not having the tracklist show up in iTunes. For some reason I am unable to select the 'include cd text' under the burning section of the advanced preferences. Any suggestions would be great. Have a happy day! Corina

David M

I'm assuming you like The Fall from your name, sooooooo, MORE FALL!!!!!


I like your clapping mix. Since you asked, here's a few more: Citizens of Tommorrow - Tokyo Police Club; Deep in the Heart of Texas - Gene Autrey; and don't forget Hangin' Tough - NKOTB - I've been working on my own such mix.


Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your March mix (sorry so belated). I was really thrilled to hear the live Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley tracks. You're lucky to have seen them in concert. I'm so jealous :)