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choose to lose?

About Me

the lights go on the lights go off when things don't feel right i lie down like a tired dog licking his wounds in the shade

when i feel alive i try to immagine a careless life a scenic world where the sunsets are all breathtaking

Favorite Songs

I'm not a quiet-phobic like some of you noise-aholics. Silence and music are = in my BOOK.

Favorite Artists

fucking yoko ono

K Records

Marriage Records

Andrew Bird The Rapture The Unicorns 90's grunge rock bands and the lemonheads

Favorite Albums

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Sarah, let me know how it goes... I'm convinced that this summer won't 'count' until you get these summertime mixes. If you take matters into your own hands and download them let me know and I'll send you PDFs for the covers.


So I take it you got the mix then? I got an email from IMP saying that it was missing. Let me know. Thanks.


Hey S, i'm curious what you thought of the Apr mix? How'si's things?


I just started work on my/your June mix. How do you feel about 1994?


Sarah! I'm your April mix guy... I've lamely left myself to the very last day of April to send out your mix; apologies that's no fun is it? The good news is I'm doubling your mixtape pleasure. Get your afternoon shades and lemonade ready, and keep your dancing shoes on hand. Anticipation is a good thing.


How did you know? This world IS killing me...slowly...OHHHH THE HUMANITY OF IT!


I see myself in your description. Except for the pestering of knitters (I don't know any well enough to tease them yet) and the boyfriend part. But hey, get me out of this suit and who knows?