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Hi Anna, I put your May '12 mix in the mail yesterday (6/1) & it should make its way to you in the next 2-3 days. Sorry for cutting it so close, but I hope you enjoy the mix! --Ashley


Hey Anna. I'm your Feb. IMP mix-maker and I'm running a bit behind because my hard drive with all my music crashed (literally, into pieces on the floor), but I've recovered some music from other sources and the mix is going into the mail today. I live in Brooklyn so hopefully it'll get to you soon. Sorry again about the delay!


hi anna -- your july mix is in-process and will be in the mail and en route within 24 hours! very, very sorry for the delay -- between traveling and a raging war in my computer between itunes and ubuntu and drives that runneth over, i'm been a very naughty IMPer. -Dani


Hey Anna -- so sorry your April mix is late! It's lumbering over to you today, hope you enjoy.


Hi Anna, your May disc left Sydney this morning (May 9th).


Anna. Oh Anna. I'm a bad Satan. I haven't sent your I/M/P mix for March yet. I will tomorrow, I promise! I've made 2 discs for you to make up my slowness. Take Care!

The Ealing Collective

Ealing Collective has been out the loop for a while - just a note to say you were our September Mix and we haven't forgotten you!!! Aiming to have your mix and something a little extra in the post to you before Xmas - ready for the New Year. Hope it'll make up for our tardiness! Love The EC x


Hey Anna! I'm your July mix maker, but I just got it back in the mail. Maybe IMP gave me the wrong address?


Hi Anna! Your June mix is being mailed today. So sorry for the lateness - like everyone else on IMP I am a procrastinator! Hope you enjoy when you receive.


Did you get my April mix? I sent it a few weeks ago. Joe


Hey there. February mix is going to come a bit late... A CD is stuck in my Mac laptop and I'm trying to get it extracted with minimal damage. At worst, I'll burn something for you at work in a few days if I can't get this cleared up. Sorry!


cheers for november ; ) it's a corker


Hey Anna, Thanks for the excellent mix. Cheers, Dan


ANNA! I just sent your november mix to an address in DC... glitch in the system? will you get it? should I send it again? to NY this time? IMP love, Laura


Now that's a hat!!!