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Favorite Artists

Ryan Adams, Derek Bailey, Barenaked Ladies, Beastie Boys, The Beautiful South, Big Black, Nels Cline, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Cornershop, Elvis Costello, The Cure, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Steve Earle, Kathleen Edwards, Electric Six, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Guns-N-Roses, Nina Hagen, Hair Police, High on Fire, Charlie Hunter, Jarboe, Jay-Z, Jim's Big Ego, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, Merzbow, Mudhoney, NWA, Old 97s, John Prine, Public Enemy, Random Acts of Violence, The Replacements, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, Tenacious D, Throbbing Gristle, Van Halen, Tom Waits, Ween, Whiskeytown, Wilco, Wolf Eyes, Wu-Tang Clan, Neil Young, Z, Frank Zappa, John Zorn

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

With three young kids, not a lot of concert action, but I did see Van Halen twice on the 2007 reunion tour!


Currently there are no blogs published.



A Collection of Artists From Illinois


2 or 3 songs with the same title

Variety is the Spice of Life

Tarheel Tunes

A Collection of Songs by Artists With North Carolina Ties

Theme? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Theme.

Out There Guitars

M is for Music

Feelin' Horny

Tracks with wind instruments.

Great Track Twos

Great second tracks from albums.

Place Songs

Damn the Man!

14 Anti Establishment Anthems

At Least 21 Chuckles

Songs that make me laugh


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your December mix will be in the mail as soon as i buy a padded envelope.


I have yet to get an email telling me you are my assigned person and I've been checking here regularly all month and not seeing an assignment at all, but this evening suddenly there you are as my December assignment with less than a week to go. seems too late for a Christmas theme but I'll come up with something.


Hi Bruce, your June disc left Sydney today (13th June).


Hi there, think you are the Bruce I was mixing for this month. Just a heads up, it'll arrive late, as I'm just sending it today. Sorry about that, hope it won't take long to reach you.


Nice one Bruce. Really enjoying it.


Thanks for the December mix! :)


Thanks for the December mix! :)


Hi Bruce - I put your Nov. 2011 mix in the mail yesterday (12/3) & it should make its way to you soon. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy! Ashley


Thanks for the mix!


Fantastic mix, Bruce - thanks!


Great mix! i loved it


thanks a lot! i'm looking forward to it!!


Bruce - Cheers for the Side & Solo Projects mix. A nice simple idea well selected. Though i could just tell your age bracket by the inclusion of solo Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg and Tanya Donnelly! Ha..Sid


Brooooooooooooooose! Broooooooooooooose! I haven't been in contact with you since our side-trade years ago. Well first off, I'm sorry I'm late with your April mixins. That's the story of my I>M>P life. To make up I've sent a bonus chill disc and some little prizes! (P.S. I was just in your neck of the woods, Asheville, NC, last month on a little trip and found it to be very beautiful and lots of great restaurants. Take care. I hope you enjoy the music.


Glad you got & enjoyed the mixes! Keep on rockin'!


Grande sized apologies from me. Yer Feb mix is finally on its way (I've had a chronic case of the cd-not-burnin-so-well- blues.) RayGun


Running late with January .... on it's way from Japan today!


Hey Bruce, received your October IMP. It's an interesting listen for sure. I like it. Thanks much.


Hi Bruce - your july cd was posted today (July 20th) from london. Hope you like it! cheers Martin


hey im sending your june mix tomorrow. sorry if there's a delay...i've been out at sea for 2 weeks but will get right on it!

The Ealing Collective

Bruce - we got you for May!!! We've been working on a couple of mixes and will put them in the post soon. Dislocated my knee last wek so should give me more time at the lappy to put the finishing touches on. 2 mixes on their way very soon - double bonus! Sorry for the wait!


Hi Bruce, Posted you Imp on monday. sorry for the delay! just moved house so havent had time to make the mix! let me know once you recieve it! regards kimberley!


Hi Bruce. Thanks very much for the April mix, it's a good listen (and a good idea for a theme, too).


Thank you very much for the March mix. The Pennsylvania Connection song is great along with the Steve Earle track. Much appreciated.


Hi Bruce, I sent your Feb CD round about Mar 3 or so... Lemme know if you don't get it.


Hi, thanks for the great mix! We really love to have new music at work.


Thanks for the September mix, too many great songs and artists to list, seems I'll be awhile digging deeper into the music on this mix. Thanks again... Rich


I sent off ye olde August mix. Can't wait to hear what you think.


Glad it got there! Sorry again for being late. Probably wasn't worth the wait, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways!


Mix arrived yesterday Bruce*Ace morning listening,the song with the line "All the girls are monsters all the boys are whores" stopped me in my tracks*Excellent! Will report back later Bruce. Thank you*


Hey Bruce! It's been a crazy month for me, but your April mix is on the way! Worry not! - Joe


Bruce - the March mix you sent me is outstanding! Thanks a million!


Those are some cool mixes you got there.


I am mailing your Feb mix today!


Bruce, it would be my pleasure to send you all the Clutch cereal you can handle with one spoonful of dripping milk and cereal just a crunchin' away. Sorry 'bout that, don't know what got into me...here's me EEmail addy: intruderalert@hotmail.com Send me your postal info and I'll get that Clutch mix into the mail toot sweet! Cheers.


hey bruce - glad you liked the mix! it is october's CD. tried to go for tracks that represented the progressive/underground side of hip-hop. songs that showed some creativity, originality and (on some tracks) a social conscience. in other words, as far away from Mims as I could get...


hi bruce - your october mix is coming out today or tomorrow. my pc died, so i couldn't create a new mix for you. but i found some extra copies of previous mixes. the one coming to you is a progressive hip-hop. hope you enjoy! ron c.


Thanks for re-sending + apologies for the bother.


the speed changes were not intentional! that's what happens when you buy your turntable 2nd hand. but actually i told a tiny white lie. some of those song were from LP's i borrowed from the education library i work in.


Mastodon and Josh Rouse should be on a double bill. It's perfect.


Your mixes are ace. Randomness is what it's all about. Sometimes I'll use a theme or at least a progression, but often it's just about that random awesomeness. Then I give 'em to friends who say dumb things like "it jumps around a bit too much". I just sigh and wait for them to evolve.


I'm always glad to hear of someone else liking 12 Golden Country Greats. "Mr. Richard Smoker" is great. I read somewhere that the old Nashville session musicians who worked with Gene and Dean had a good chuckle when they read the lyrics to the songs they were working on.


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