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International Mixtape Project - December 2006


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Son of Ravyn

Lynn - I'm your August, and I know I'm uber late. All appologies. This is starting to be a trend with me, I'm affraid. . .Anyway, I'm on it, and should send it out by the end of next week, at the very latest. I'll try and make it something extra/special for making you wait over a month to get your tunes.


Hey Lynn. I have your July Assignment to send. Apologies I haven't yet, I know its crazy late but I have excuses ;- ) I've lost internet access at home anyway but I haven't actually been back there for a few weeks so I'm all over the place atm. Gonna sort it this weekend tho assuming post office aren't still on stike. Sorry Dude, but I'll sort it :-)

Ryan Mixtape

Thanks for the December 06 mix. I really liked the kitty cover art. You should post the mix on your profile!