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aka Boogichild!

About Me

I was born to boogie.

Favorite Songs

"I Feel Love" Donna Summer "Bought And Sold" Neko Case "It's Your Thing" Isely Bros "In My Girlish Days" Memphis Minnie "Bombers" David Bowie "Lines In The Suit" Spoon "Psychotic Reaction" Count Five "So It Goes" Nick Lowe "Come To Me" Bjork "Paradise West" Generation X "Hang Around With You" Robert Hazard & The Heroes "Ace Of Spades" Motorhead "The Devil's Chasing Me" Reverend Horton Heat "Long Chain On" Knitters "Lady" Little River Band "Fire" Pointer Sisters "Cry" Birthday Party "Ever Fallen In Love" Buzzcocks "Sufoco" Alcione "Behind The Moon" Matt Costa "Couleur Cafe" Serge Gainsbourg "The Girl Can't Help It" Little Richard "Pistol Packin' Mama" Gene Vincent "Gimme Some Salt" Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Favorite Artists

Salvador Dali, Magritte, Souther Salazar, J. Otto Seibold, Vermeer, De Chirico, Manet, Bosch

Bjork, David Bowie, T. Rex, Byrds, X, Knitters, Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg, The Jam, Nick Lowe, Bauhaus, Generation X, Sex Pistols, The Shins, Old 97s, Jacques Dutronc, John Lee Hooker, Peter Tosh, Neko Case, Reverend Horton Heat, Boss Hog, Elvis Presley, Nino Rota, Henry Mancini

Favorite Albums

Russell Simins-Public Places, T.Rex-The Slider, Echo & The Bunnymen-Porcupine, Road Kings-Road Kings, The Harder They Come Soundtrack, Radiohead-Hail To The Theif, The Shins-Oh! Inverted World, Brazil Classics series compiled by David Byrne, all the Rhino D.I.Y. series

Recent Concerts

Coachella 2008, Jesse Dayton, Ranchero Bros, Fleet Foxes, Beck/Spoon/MGMT, Billy Idol, DeVotchKa, Radiohead


Currently there are no blogs published.


Beware...IT'S POP

yeah, no kidding

more than just an acrobatic stunt

Mountain Man Music

for James Bridger

Oasis From The Summer Sun

mixing styles with confidence


Boogie Children

summer fun

He gets distracted...

Even California

Rip It Up And Start Again

good book

Autobiography Of A Boogichild

A song a year for the last 20 years...hmmm. I wanted to start at the beginning. The problem is that when you're young, a year can seem like 10. But when you're older...well, the last 10 years have just flown by. So I decided on more of an impressionistic autobiography of sorts. Here goes...

Black History Month

the starkness of winter...


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hey jennifer do you have time for a specific side mix trade? i'd love to swap something for another one of the 'rip it up' mix tape// cds or something of similiar genre- is there a genre i could do for you? cheers


Jennifer: Got your mixes and a proper thank you is on it's way.


Hey, did you get that thing I sent ya?


Groovy. I don't know if I still have your address, so let's swap snail mail. My email is david.haw@cogeco.ca


yeah, until that X - Rollins show i didn't own any Rollins Band, having for some reason not felt it like i did Black Flag. But right afterward i did some CD shopping. X will always be one of my all-time favorite bands and while i usually feel like Reunited Bands are kind of sad or something, X can keep coming around as often as they like.


it's on the way now


sorry i haven't sent your mix yet. i've started and scrapped it a couple of times. i'll get it together soon.


As the bar maid said to Shaft (the remake); "It's been a while." Up for another side trade? I promise not to hound you......for a while......


Hey Jennifer, glad you liked the mix. I've spotted your Black History Month mix on the frontpage before and thought it was pretty groovy. Nice one! Steve


Mix in the post today, so it might just make it before the end of the month....


Thanks for the mixtape - enjoyed it.


Sorry your December Mixtape is so late; please accept my apology. I sent it today First Class Mail. You should have it shortly. Happy New Year.


Oops I'm in 2 mixtape groups so maybe I got confused. Would love to get a mix from you whenever you have the chance .. seems like we have similar taste in music.


Boogichild! I sent you a holiday mix. My appreciation to IMP members that have traded with me and given me great music. Rip it up!


A Jennifer sent me a September mix that was great. I'm not sure if it was you, but it was the best IMP mix I have received yet. If it wasn't you sorry, but if you like I'll defy you to make a better mix :D Cheers (in the horray way, not the drinking way)

Son of Ravyn

I will be posting the tracklist shortly. I'm a bit behind with stuff like that these days. Be sure to check back. Also, you stole my idea!! I'm currently working on a split disc entitled "Rip It Up / And Start Again." Disc two will be more or less the same theme as yours, that is classic post punk stuff, with disc one featuring the classic punk that sparked the revolution in the first place. I've been really excited to do it, and now find myself a bit deflated. Beaten to the punch, as it were. Ah well. That's what I get for being 2.5 months behind on my mixes. Yours are great, by the way.


I got your mixes yesterday and began to play them at full volume on my new stereo. The music brings back some memories for me to the time when I was a kitten. This stuff is gold. Plus, my wife is very happy to see that Japan's "Ghosts" is on a mix. Let me know if you ever like to trade again. I am always prepared.


I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the cds. I'll compile a list of where the sound bites came from via email when I get a chance. I am looking forward to your cds. As for Whitesnake... guilty pleasure:)


You're welcome. Shocking Blue had a 60's hit with; "Fever" (pretty trippy), covered later by Bananarama (not so trippy). I like Greasy Heart too. Can't beat that South Asian psychodelia.


hey my december 2006 assignment! i was looking at the "rip it up" mix and would love to trade for a copy. let me know.


Boogiechild: Just got your cd's this morning, not 5 minutes ago. Listening to one right now. Yeahh!!!! Sounds great so far. Mayfield, Bowie, The Undertones (counting you, that's two of us who even know who they are - I love them)....looking good!!! Your first one is in the mail, and part two goes out today. Hidey, Hidey Ho. David


Are you kidding?? I'm so in the mood for the music you've described it's....palpable. Here's my email, dhaw@persona.ca. Send my your address and I'll send you mine. I'm so excited....in a Pointer Sisters kind of way.


At the risk of being routine.....interested in a little side trade?


Hello, just got your mix this morning thanks a lot, especially for the double disc! I listened to it on the way to work. I sent you a mix in November last year, dunno if you remember it . Ooh also congratulations on the sprog, they're pretty ace huh


Yea! happy homes for mixes. I'm glad you enjoy.


Here's the wayward; ")" that got lost before.


Hey,hey,hey.... I'm a sucker for Summer. I once played Ace of Spades on a jukebox at a preppy pool hall and it was so loud and out of place with the vibe a suit had going at a nearby table, I thought he was going to start something (he kept shaking his head and muttering; "what is this shit??". As far as I'm concerned, the Rev. Horton Heat can do no wrong. Who loves "Lady" by LRB? Don't be sayin' Baby I don't love you, cause baby, I do. Little Richard is on his own planet. And Gene Vincent is walking cool (or limping as the case may be). If the vapours are to blame for your taste in music - keep huffin'.


Hey you can't smoke in here! There's volatile solvent fumes everywhere!


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