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hi hi hi hi hi.

About Me

a goofy kid pretending to be an adult in the real world. shhh. don't tell my employers.

Favorite Songs

don't look back in anger - oasis

Favorite Artists

guster. ben folds. jason mraz. jack johnson. oasis. the beatles. dashboard confessional. switchfoot. coldplay. joshua radin. mat kearney.

Favorite Albums

(what's the story) morning glory - oasis

songs for silverman - ben folds

garden state soundtrack

Recent Concerts

guster again! mat kearney. cafe hotel tour. jason mraz. guster.


Currently there are no blogs published.


it's all about me

a compilation of songs starting with "I"


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Hi. Hello. Hi there.

The Jeremiest

Hey, Linda! My assignment for this month was for Linda H. in Brooklyn, NY, and since you're the only Linda on the site I can find, I'm thinkin' it's you. I'm just writing to make sure it came to you. Lemme know! Peace to the D Line, -Stick