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...just enjoy the sound

About Me

living in pennsylvania working on defending those accused of crime and enjoying it (most of the time) enjoy all sorts of music (which is why i am doing this thing) enjoy travel and hope to spend my last days in venice, italy... perhaps the most magical place on earth

Favorite Songs

too many to list and they change almost daily recently i went through this akon, blue grass, and 2pac thing... i know, they dont really go together (except maybe the akon / 2pac thing) but that is the way it flows

Favorite Artists

i have been told that i enjoy... what is it... the re re re generation of rock... who knows. some favorites that do stand out are are 'the the', 2pac, led zepplin, waxing poetics, and the mixes that my international friends send

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

saw kid rock a year or so ago and it was a good show. went through the concert phase in the late 80s early 90s and that whole thing began to wear off.

monster of rock in 88 is still the most memorable. good music, hot chicks, plenty of beer... what more could a person want. ahhh, to be 18 again. cant go back, so i will open a beer, recall the good memories and move on. time to make new memories.


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Going Back In Time - The Classics


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Hi Robbie That clssica mix looks Good.My email is if you ever wanna look at my page please feel free and we'll do a mix trade! Rock on! Trish


Great mixtape. Like a greatest hits of the last three years. I've I really enjoyed the bonus CD as well. Dylan - Rafferty - I can't remember the last time I heard Bobby McFerrin - and I've always liked that Sunscreen song.


Shocker: Did you get a post from me asking what other songs you liked?


But didn't you go through that "re-re-re invention of rock" in the '90's called uh...sludge, or fudge, or GRUNGE (that's it)? Tad, L7, MotherLOVEbone and the like?