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Miss Ellie

Ciao and Kung-Pow!

About Me

"Just another gypsy with her plastic guitar/ just another dancer with her eyes on the stars/ just another dreamer who was going too far"

- Rush

Favorite Songs

rain splattering against the window, the crackle of bread crust as it is being broken, sheets rustling in the morning, breathing, jars of whip cream being emptied, liquid splashing around inside a glass bottle, bubble wrap, fingers snapping, guitar strings vibrating when only you are around to hear, friends laughing, cats purring, footsteps on the stairs, wind combing the leaves, zippers being zipped, protesting floor boards, bubbles being blown through a straw, city traffic, applause, and most of all: SILENCE.

Favorite Artists

Claude Monet, Joseph Cornell, Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, Erte, Salvador Dali (mostly because of the cool quotes and wickedly awesome facial hair), Marc Chagall, my mother and God

Favorite Albums

whatever is currently in my portable disc playah and my stereo

Recent Concerts

Home Free A*Capella, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


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If you come up short. I'll be your Rachel.


Hey! I'm not sure if I'm your Rachel---Son of Ravyn seems to think I'm the Rachel he's sending his March mix to, but I haven't gotten one yet, so who knows. I'm Rachel Kiel in Connecticut---is it me?


General's Chicken! and Illy Espresso!


Your February mix is on the way. Cheers!


I love, love, love my January mix! It's so much fun in an otherwise dreary winter. Thanks!