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Strange Scenes Inside the Goldmine

About Me

I live in Chicago. I train people to use computers and am writing a novel.

Favorite Songs

Please See Favorite Albums...

Favorite Artists

Please See Favorite Albums...

Favorite Albums

Bull of the Woods - 13th Floor Elevators The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett Hunky Dory - David Bowie Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan Odelay - Beck Odessy and Oracle - The Zombies

Recent Concerts

M. Ward at Metro The Psychic Ills at Schuba's Ween at Aragon


Currently there are no blogs published.


Midnight On

Happy New Years.

Driving In The Snow

Snowing Right Now.


Don't Remember Making This One.

The Fall

Getting Cold Again.


Tired On The Outside.


Made Quick and Dirty


Too High to Sleep

Summer Windows

Summertime Music.


After The Work Is Done

Work is a place of many emotions.

Easter Everywhere

Musical tribute to death and resurrection

In Like a Lion

A Mighty Roar from beginning to end.

Music For Making Love on Valentine's Day

Sweet sweet loving through music.

January Rain

Bronchitis all Month. Bummed and Frustrated.

A Cold December Day

Rained all Month.


High Enegry, Wide Open.


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Did you ever receive your March mix from me in the mail?


Due to no computer at the moment I'll be getting your mix out a bit late. Please forgive me, it will be sent out by Friday.


hi james, thanks so much for your 'midnight on' mix, great first mix of the year.absolutely loads of things that i've never heard before and really enjoyed, especially the elvis perkins and taken by trees songs. thanks again!


Right, second to last day of the month and your mix for November is on its way.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I Tr-eye-d. (Ruh-Roh, that was really bad)


9/24: If you are James V., I sent your mixtape today. If you are anther James, like me, then I didn't.


Hey James - your mix will be in the mail tomorrow morning. Meant to get it out to you earlier, but PC problems plague the day. Hope you enjoy it......Ron C.


I wish I knew what the heck Ryan is talking about. Maybe I should listen to the mix...But anyway, I'm glad someone finally realizes how romantic "Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger" really can be. Its also inspiring for other things: racing cars, working out (non-love makingly), and filling in those bubbled answer sheets for standardized testing.

Ryan Mixtape

Yeah, I listened to the Music for Making Love on Valentine's Day mix and nearly caught me a hernia. Lucky for me, she had Seamans furniture.