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Jon Paul

About Me

Born in Oregon. Grew up in California. Work in Wall Street (but am not one of 'those guys.') Love Brooklyn.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; Sonic Youth; Tom Waits; The Arcade Fire; Thievery Corporation; Wilco; PJ Harvey; Devo; Estradasphere; Pink Martini; Talking Heads; Bauhaus; Spoon; Pink Floyd; The Cramps; Wu-Tang Clan; Fu Manchu; Bjork; DJ Shadow; DJ Monkone; Curtis Mayfield; Antibalas; Igor Stravinsky; Beck; The Beastie Boys; The Fall; Tori Amos; Lungfish; Dead Can Dance; Air; Gorillaz; Miles Davis; Cypress Hill; Greyboy All-Stars; Stereolab; Sleater-Kinney; The Clash; Neutral Milk Hotel; The Flaming Lips; Grandaddy; The Dandy Warhols; Johnny Cash; Nina Simone; Cake; Interpol; Kings of Leon; Burning Spear; Medeski Martin & Wood; U2; The Veils; Siouxsie & The Banshees; Portishead; The Beatles; The Church; Radiohead; Sergej Rachmaninov; Massive Attack; Isaac Hayes; The White Stripes; Godspeed You Black Emperor!; Guided By Voices; Miles Davis; Thelonious Monk; The Editors; Prefuse73; Iron & Wine; Stanton Moore; Danger Mouse; Bernard Herrmann; The (early) Rolling Stones; The Cult (old); Sublime; The Pixies; Echo and the Bunnymen, practically anything with Leslie speakers or a Theramin ... and Ween. Etc.

Favorite Albums

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Looking for a Fight!

a mix I had to get out of my system...


Dance, Biatch!


Energy Transfer Mechanism

Coupe de Ville



The Bridge



R! - The Pirate Album

Stuck In the House

Beautiful Tears


Wall Of Sound

The Secret Generator

Dance Dance Immolation!

IMP assignment April 07

The Party's Gotten Out of Hand

Halloween in April

Special "trade" mix for Sarah Brown

IMP Jan 2007


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Hi Jon Im Trisj An eclectic array of music you DO have.Im up for a CD with ya.Drop me a line I look forward to hearing from you.Trish


Hi Jon Im Trisj An eclectic array of music you DO have.Im up for a CD with ya.Drop me a line I look forward to hearing from you.Trish

L.A. in N.Y.C.

10/5/08: Hi there, I'm your Sept. mixmaker, and I'm late. Your mix went in the mail just yesterday, sorry. On the bright side, it's only coming from Manhattan, so you should get it on Monday or Tuesday. Cheers.


Sir, you are a mixtaper after my own heart. Thanks for the righteous mix (love the random/vaguely disquieting cover). I've been looking at some of your others and thinking of asking for a monthly subscription.


hi there, hope you enjoyed the mix. It was my first IMP assignment. I forgot to follow the rules and label the disc and what not. The track list should pop up when you drop the disc in a computer. Let me know if it got there.


Yo, your April mix is late, but it went in the mail today. It was tough to try to "paint the corners" and find some things you might not know about. Seeing your mixes and taste, many of my fastballs down the middle (Andrew Bird, eg) would not have been so interesting to you.


Thanks for the awesome cd. :)


man, i want one of your cds! i always seem to get cds of music i'm not interested in :(


Jon: There was a mix-up (my son pressed a button by mistake). I did receive your May mix (as I mentioned in the gmail to you). So please don't worry about sending another mix. I've got mine.


Hoping that trademix found its way to you....Thanks again for the cd!


Got your mix a week ago...Wow, super stuff! A big part of IMP for me was to get a little bit of exposure of some really nifty, innovative music that I could never hope to hear in this Northern wilderness of top 40, Oldies tunes or CanCon radio. Thanks for the mix!


Hrm.. now that I've seen your extremely awesome list of favorite artists, it makes me want to send you another, even better mix than before.