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24 Song of Love Elapsed, Gone Astray, and Unwanted

I was kinda proud of this tape so I thought I'd post it.


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Hi ean I got your mix.Some interesting stuff there. Thank you! Trish


Still listening to your mix. Love it!! Thanks - Shelly

Son of Ravyn

Son of Ravyn

Hi there. In addition to being IMP member, I am a freelance music writer. I have been working on a feature article on the IMP for my local alt-weekly, The Houston Press. I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions: How long have you been an IMP participant? Do you know Ryan outside of the IMP? Were you a mixtaper prior to participation in the project? Why do you make mixtapes? Do you get more out of making mixtapes or out of receiving them? Have you found IMP to be a good source for discovering new music (even if that would be old music thatâs new to you)? What is your occupation? How much time do you spend, on average, per Mixtape? Do you feel that artwork is an important part of a Mixtape? Would you recommend IMP to others? In addition to these few questions, anything youâd like to add would be more than welcome. Feel free to be as loquacious or succinct as you like. Nick (SoR) nicholas.l.hall@constellatio

Son of Ravyn

Sean, check out the info on the 6 Degrees of Yo La Tengo mix I sent you. You get first crack at the contest, of course.

Ryan Mixtape

Thanks for the robots mix. It's definitely one of my favorites from the past three years! Also, certainly better than the new Transformers movie (although unlikely better than the original Transformers movie, but, really, what is?). My girlfriend and I are going to color in the cover art this weekend!

Son of Ravyn

Hey, did you get your mix?


I'm the one who was supposed to send you your June mixtape. Sorry it's so late, but my excuse is that I've been living on couches for the past month and this wasn't my priority. But I'm mailing it either tomorrow or Saturday, so you can expect it within a week or so. Again, sorry for the delay!

Son of Ravyn

Your mix went in the mail today. Enjoy, and be expecting another message soon. There is a contest involved with your mix.

Son of Ravyn

I've already warned my March recipient, and I'll give you the low down, too; my toddler done broked my computer. My mixing abilities are seriously impaired, due to this fact. I'm not really sure when I'll be up and running again, but I'm going to conceptualize your mix early, so that alls I gotta do when the ol' laptop is fixed is put it on plastic. Sorry if it's a big delay. I'll try to make it kill as compensation.


no way, you put "Bitchin Again" on a mix?! that's EPIC. that song is so annoying, "Dahlia" is the best track on that album if i may say so. nice mix though, bonus points for the Shatner track.