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About Me

In 1979 I started hanging out at the record store after school and started buying all sorts of "used" records like The Cars and Elvis Costello and The Ramones and Blondie, eventually this led to the harder stuff like The Sex Pistols, Plasmatics and MotorHead. I still consider old AC/DC punk... This interest in music contributed to me getting my ass kicked by older kids who like Led Zeppelin, REO Speedwagon and Skynard. God those were some dark years of radio weren't they? It's not really much better today, that's why the IMP is so great.

I don't like jam bands or Hippie music like Santana,The Moody Blues (pretty much the worst band in music history besides Phish) Fleetwood Mac, or the Dead. Phish music makes me angry. It makes me so angry that I want to punch people in the face.

Favorite Songs

Naked Raygun; "I don't know" (any song by NR is my favorite) Misfits; "Horror Hotel" from the 12 Hits from Hell album, BIG STAR; 13 (because my wife Kathryn turned me onto them) The Unicorns; "I was born a Unicorn", Tiger Trap's ; "For Sure", DEVO; "Gates of Steel", Eno's; "Taking Tiger Mountain"(possibly the best song ever written) Pinhead Gunpowder; "Backyard Flames" and their cover of "Mahogany", Slayer; "Reign in Blood", Chet Baker; "The thrill is gone", Anything by Roy Orbison or Klaus Nomi, Big Black's; "Cables", Shellac's; "Wingwalker"

Favorite Artists

Accept, Slayer, Judas Priest, Big Black, Shellac, Misfits, Pinhead Gunpowder, Brian Eno, DEVO, Klaus Nomi,Black Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica (preblack album),Iron Maiden,Lamb of God,Tiger Trap, Ramones, BlackFlag , CircleJerks, Philip Glass, Chet Baker,CharlesMingus, Damien Jurado, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Unicorns, TV on the Radio,Postal Service, DNTEL, Figurine,The Figurines, Bowery Electric, Sigur Ros, Mum, Amiina, Cheap Trick, Big Star, Wilco.

Favorite Albums

Slayer - Reign in Blood , Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry the Banner , Misfits - American Psycho , Accept - Fast as a Shark , Wilco - Yankee Hotel Fox Trot , Sigur Ros - ( ) ,

Recent Concerts


2011-04-10 09:39:16


Blind Date with a Hessian

Going out on a blind date with someone is nerve racking but what if you were set up with a Hessian? Perhaps this is the mix you would listen to on the way to the Sizzler.


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Douglas: I've said I've received your July mix; when in fact, I don't believe I did. But don't want Ryan on your back.....


What does 'SOUL' mean to you?


Good taste in music, are you still an active trader?


g'day mate. nice hat.


Dear lost Devo Member, your mix is in the mail. Enjoy!!


You bought DEVO's album the year I was born. BUT, three of my favorite albums of all time came out the year I was born, so that makes up for it, yes? Easter - Patti Smith More Songs About Buildings And Food - Talking Heads Blue Valentine - Tom Waits And jam band music makes me want to punch people in the face too. But as a rule, I don't punch people in the face, even when I feel like it.


thank you! :)


Anyone with a Devo hat is ok in my book! (Yes, I know it's photoshopped...humor me.) E-mail me your contact info...vixxenlicious at gmail dot com. Let's get this party started. Oh, ps...LOVE the title to the mix you posted.


I'll trade mixes with anyone who's seen noMeansno live! Hope they rocked your sox off! I love them too much.


oho! as a fellow new waver i hope i get one of your cds. btw .. nice hat :)


Your illustration on the packaging and stickers have brought a grin to my face, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Your mix is very tasty. Thank you so much. Robert


DUDE U TOTALLY ROCK!!! i just got ur mix cd today because i just arrived at school and it TOTALLY cheered me up...i have so much work to do but the little stickers and trinkets were SO nice of u to add in...thank u so much i seriously appreciate it!!!

Jane Lee

i put your mix in the mail yesterday. thanks.enjoy.


i sent ur mix out today...u should get it soon!


oh man we should definitely trade mix cds!! you have excellent taste in music...ive seen the sex pistols in concerts, a couple years ago, performing with the dropkick murphys. that was a sick show, and one of the shows that really solidified my love for punk. but your mix seems SO AWESOME! I love the unicorns! and architecture in helsinki! ive seen them perform, as well as asobi seksu and nofx...great stuff.

Jane Lee

this system is lacking in direct comment. is there some way to email each other without leaving comments? hey, I spaced making your mix and I'm away for a few more days. it'll go in the mail on monday, cross heart. thanks.

Loved it & thanks. Shared it with a friend who's thinking about signing on...Wilson

Jane Lee

are you doug winter? as in my march imp recipient? some other doug? hi.


I agree it's probably notas bad now as what I remember from high school, but it does depend on where you are. I live near a pretty whitebread little city where wearing a bowler hat in public got a friend of mine stoned (albeit with one small stone from a passing car). Coloured hair wouldn't get you hurt here, but a full-on, ceiling-scrapping mohawk probably would. Personally I like the idea of antagonizing intolerant people with music they don't like. I read somewhere that Jello Biafra used to play Heino before concerts to get the crowd worked up before the show. Sounds good to me.


just about the best show ever, i strongly suggest you go see them if you ever get the chance. you wouldn't regret it.


I can understand the Led Zepplin fans, but the REO Speedwagon guys put the boots to you too? My first record (with my own money) was Ray Parker (because he did the Ghostbusters song). Realizing I only had a few hours to live with the Zep fans at my school, I quickly recovered and went out and bought a Genesis LP. This slight move up the coolness ladder staved off blood-letting for only a short while. My self-esteem (and health) were assured when I smuggled Pink Floyd's; "The Wall" album into my hometown long before it was released here.


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