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We just want to emote 'til we're dead

About Me

I heart music majorly and I've apparently been doing this IMP thing since April of '05. I'm originally from Detroit but currently reside in Charlotte, NC. I play drums/percussion in a band called Seth Boulton & The Dream Machine. I love me a musician named Nicolette Emanuelle who I'm thankful everyday loves me back. Morrissey is the only man I'd ever sleep with. www.MySpace.com/LauraWitkowski www.MySpace.com/SethBoulton www.MySpace.com/Nicolette Emanuelle

Favorite Songs

"One AM" - NICOLETTE EMANUELLE "Grits Ain't Groceries" - LITTLE MILTON "Ooh La La" - FACES "Can You Get To That" - FUNKADELIC "Tonight We Fly" - THE DIVINE COMEDY "Bicycle Race" - QUEEN "The Name Game" - SHIRLEY ELLIS "Alone Again Or" - LOVE "Born On A Train" - THE MAGNETIC FIELDS "A World Of Hurt" - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS "Song For Europe" - ROXY MUSIC *almost every song Morrissey ever wrote* and way too many others to name

Favorite Artists

Nicolette Emanuelle * Morrissey/The Smiths * Dusty Springfield * Of Montreal * Richard Buckner * Scott Walker * Shearwater * Tom Waits * The Divine Comedy * Yo La Tengo * Roxy Music * Tindersticks * Talking Heads * Deerhoof * PJ Harvey * The Magnetic Fields * Wilco * Iron & Wine -- way, way, too many more to name

Favorite Albums

"The Queen Is Dead" - THE SMITHS "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" - NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL "Dusty In Memphis" - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD "Forever Changes" - LOVE "Easter" - PATTI SMITH "More Songs About Buildings And Food" - TALKING HEADS "Blue Valentine" - TOM WAITS "The Charm Of The Highway Strip - THE MAGNETIC FIELDS "Electr-O-Pura" - YO LA TENGO "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" - OF MONTREAL

Recent Concerts

LAMBHANDLER @ The Milestone in Charlotte, NC * OF MONTREAL @ Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC * PEEPING TOM @ Cat's Cradle in Carboro, NC * NICOLETTE EMANUELLE @ Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck, MI


Currently there are no blogs published.


Is Madness Just A Hand-Me-Down?

Made this for my friend tim, but will go out for my May assignment...

Adventures In Music: Best of 2006

I obsessively make a "best of" CD every year for friends and family... Several IMP folks have gotten this one recently...

Adventures In Music: Best of 2006 Part II

2006 was such a great year for music...

This That Shit That Make You Groove

Fun stuff for nice weather...

I Heart New Jersey

Named b/c although the "international mixtape project" I had two assignments in a row from NJ...

Intimate Songs For A Stranger

This was the first one I ever made for IMP. Ah, memories...


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I'm with you on the Morrissey thing. Let me know if you are ever up for a side trade.


Your mix made most excellent company on a loooong stressful drive. It is pretty much the best thing ever. Go you! And thanks for the mostly all-new-to-me tunes. :)


Thanks for the great mix . . . and all the bonus music! I really appreciate it! Makes me feel extra guilty for not getting my mixes out lately. I'm just not able to commit the time lately to making a fine mix.


So glad you liked the Mr. Lucky mix. You were one of my very first assignments. Still getting the hang of this project as a social network, but I'm not unable to learn! Old dog can still get the hang of a new trick now and then. I hope you're enjoying yourself and having a fabulous year. Thanks for writing.


Oh, and I don't want to be intimidatin'.....You did well. It was a good mix of songs. I'm still listening to it.


Laura: I got my Sept. mix. It's quite good. Thanks so much.


Thank you very much for my mix and my extra cd.


Hi Laura ,no i have not received my mix for July.


sorry the July mix is late. I hope you dig it. am


Thanks for your kind word, and sorry it took me forever to reply. I love your mixes, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one that collects and collates Best of Twenty-Oh Blah Blah songs against my better judgement, AND I just wanted you to know that I had to take "Work It" off a recent mix because I was listening to it in my Volvo's shitty sound system and it blew my speakers. I read that Timbaland mixes on headphones, not a PA, which makes his stuff extra deadly. Oh, Missy. Why wouldn't they release your Best Of in America? Why aren't we all in line to suck your toes?


Why, ditto! I could never sleep with Moz, though. It'd be like sleeping with Jesus.


Laura! I totally got the mix! Check yr e-mail; I was involved in a mixtape mixup. Very loosely, but I really wanted to use the expression. Thank you so much!


who doesn't want to date a musician....sigh.. but i have to admit my most secret of dreams... i don't want to DATE a musician--i want to break up with a musician and inspire them to write their great album about their love for me. okay..and then maybe we'll get back together.. oh it's so sick..shhh..secret..don't tell..


Hey Laura, thanks for the post. I'll make you a deal, I'll swap mixtapes with you as a bonus if you put a few of Nicolette's song on my mix. I checked it out on her myspace. Cool stuff. -jim


I guess ask and ye shall receive should be the theme for your mix, which is running a little late (a general theme for me!) Hopefully it's worth the wait!!


Thanks for the nice compliment! That's awesome that you've been hooked up with IMP so long...I wish I had known about it sooner. I'd love to exchange mixes with you! :-)


Hooray for of Montreal!


Yeah I heart Richard Buckner too! Just saw him with a backing band for the first time last month. My favorite is just him and a guitar but it was cool to hear the fuller sound live. He just finished a tour so if he keeps up his usual behaviour he'll be back again within a year.


Hey! Thanks for the comment. I'm very glad you liked the mix. I love the yellow Telletubby (who's name, naturally, escapes me).!


"Naughty Noo Noo!"


I just found how comments work here on IMP Thanks for the calling me rad your splendiforous


oh laura, i'm so sorry that kidney stones kept you from seeing josh... he did mention at his show here that he'd be back soon with his band... so maybe he'll swing by your way again. here's hoping! bryna ps. awesome 2006 pics! i like to do best of the year mixes as well - we had many commonalities, but you had a few things i've never heard of so i'll be sure to check them out.


I'm also admiring your mixes... you too have great musical interests! [I'll be sure to check out your band.]


Wow, thanks - that's the nicest thing I've heard in a while. If your name ever comes up on my assignment, I'll have to figure out something special for you...


Hey Laura, thanks for the props - they hacked the article quite a bit though! I'm still happy it was posted. I think it's relevant! :) Glad to hear you like Sloan - they are my favourites by far!


Ha! Right back at you, can't believe I haven't noticed you on here before, your May mix has got SO much on that I'm loving at the moment. If you see any mixes I've done that you like just let me know and I'll send you a copy. Jon


I don't want to punch people in the face when I listen to your music. I think you have the cure for pain.


Isn't "Beeswing" the best? I first heard on a mix a friend gave me, and I swear I once listened to over and over for two hours straight. I'm glad I was able to pass it along!


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