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A music lover, husband, a person who seizes the moment.

About Me

I am a husband, father, son, and old soul in a 37 year old body. I made a mixed tape for my wife called Steves Mix and it cemented our relationship into our marriage of fifteen years.

I believe their is good in all people and in my circle of friends I am the coach, team leader, counselor, visionary, and dreamer. Male and female friends share moments in life and seek someone who will listen.

I have seen my bumps and I have had a life of hard knocks from the perosanal to the professional level. Failures were opprotunites in diguise and by accepted the failure I have been able to move on.

When I was 28 years old I suffered a life critical medical event twice and I survived. This challenge at a young age forced me to rethink the roles I play as a husband, father, son, friend and leader. I do regret the my medical challenges but I embrace them.

Ryan and IMP is a tool for me to share my struggles and life sucesses with new friends. I hope my mixes fill a part in your life at the moment they arrive in your mail box.

Live your life with love, hope, and happiness.

Since I become a member of IMP my wife and daugter have joined me by sending a addition to my cd to my monthly assigment. This excercise has brought the three of us closer together in appreciated one another as a unique spouse and young lady. The picture is my daughter and I with Terry from Carbon Leaf.

I hope health, happiness, and love visits everyone sometime in their lives. The day to day struggles are so mundane when you can look at life through the glasses of health, hapiness, love and hope.

Steve, Kim, Jordan

Favorite Songs

1,000,000 by REM You and I will meet again-Tom Petty Bad-U2 Best of You-Foo Fighters Goverment Cheese-The Rainmakers Let my people go-The Rainmakers The one that got away-The Rainmakers Circle Back- John Hait Gimme Shelter-The Rolling Stones

Favorite Artists

Any artist which can capture the emotion of the moment. The emotion could be love, hapiness, love, anger, lonliness, etc.

Favorite Albums

The Rainmakers-Rainmaker

Recent Concerts

Iris Demint, Carbon Leaf


Update on Life, Hope and happiness

2007-06-18 17:30:08

Answer to your question

2007-04-22 12:35:54

Another Life event

2007-04-17 04:48:51

Confusion and anger. A question open for answers

2007-03-26 16:29:05


2007-02-20 06:36:39

Small Steps to saving a Marriage

2007-02-12 17:25:09

IMP-A life saver and marriage counselor

2007-02-11 11:13:35


Loosing and finding faith in mixed tapes

Since Kim and I have been struggling with our marriage, the death of my dad, and the pending death of my mom I have found myself struggling. I am a person of faith without religion. I know there is a higher power which inspires me to be a better husband, dad, son, friend, and fellow human being. Love and Happiness will be a part of my life despite the bumps and bruises of life

The Final Act of my dad, James Wayne Wright

Not only is my life in turmoil my dad has had several strokes since Feb 14, 2007. He was a great man and my dad, mom, wife, and myself have found comfort in his soundtrack of life


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Dear Steven Wow your blogs brought me to tears.and I dont have a tarp for the comcputer .ahh!I too music can take you away from the bad stuff in life and bring you to a happy place.I knew music was going to play a major role in my life since I was young.Feel free to read my blogs when time permits and if you would like to do a side trade my email is trishmull77@comcast.net Peace and Love Trish


Hi Steven! Now I dont want to spoil the surprise, but I have been working furiously on your May mix tape, and I am so excited to send it! However, we are encountering some technical difficulties and I need to ask for your graces. I am working on a farm in rural Minnesota, and the possibilities for getting to the post office are quite limited. I went into town today, but those darn government holidays are getting in the way of your beloved mix tape. I promise it will be on its way to you soon- all things better with a little patience! My apologies, and enjoy your memorial day! You will hear more from me soon! peace, Laura


Hi. I was engaging in my routine miscellany last evening and for some reason you guys crossed my mind. I'm still enjoying my February mix. It's so extensive...it seems like every time I listen I find something new that I enjoy. I hope that the two of you are faring well in your life endeavors. Yesterday was one of those very serene, peaceful days for me when everything seemed to go my way...EVEN MY ALGEBRA CLASS! The weather was immaculate to boot. I wish many of those days for the two of you. Take care.


very moving article...i always used to try to cleverly insert hidden meaning in mixtapes for prospective loved ones, but they're much more powerful when the explanations are obvious, impossible to misinterpret. thanks for sharing such a profound piece of your lives.


Thank you both so much for the kind words. I will keep in touch most definitely. I wish you both all the joy and happiness your hearts can afford. Thank you for sharing your lives with me.


Oh, ps...I almost jumped out of my skin when I read your article! It made me feel all the more special to be the recipient of this mixtape.


I received your mixtape yesterday, or rather yours and your wife's. Not only was I COMPLETELY stoked about receiving two mixtapes for the price of one, but I seriously cried when I read the stories. I have never received a mixtape with such multitudinous heart. I have no idea if you guys are spiritual, but I am. I prayed for my new mixtape friends and whatever they are going through. It sounds to me like the two of you love each other very much and can make it through whatever trials you face. I've been enjoying the mixtape for not quite a day now, but the songs make me laugh and cry too and I have no idea why. I think you two truly sent a part of you to me, and I am so very thankful.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

By the by, there's a memoir called "Love Is a Mixtape" by Rob Sheffield, that explores a similar theme -- a marriage viewed through the prism of the mixtapes the author shared with his late wife. I haven't read it, though, so this isn't exactly a recommendation (it would just make me too sad). But your article made me think of the write up I read about the book.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

"Gather ye mixtapes, while ye may..." That was a very touching article -- thanks for letting us have a glimpse.


Makin' mixes is how I too share my inner dialog with friends, and friends I don't know yet. Back when I was wooin' my wife that's all it was: mixtape mixtape mixtape (with the occasional dates and sleep overs thrown in there)


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