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Music to Clean your Crawlspace with

About Me


Mother to Electra!, wife, medic,

artist, musician, podcaster

I live on an arctic island with a population of 30.

Check out my podcast:

http://nap.podomatic.com http://napii.podomatic.com


Favorite Songs

Sung To Meat~Slugg The Web~Neurosis Jizzlobber~FNM Tony~Diamanda Galas

Favorite Artists


If you're sending me an Audio cd, could you do me a courtesy? Can you change your cd audio burning preferences to include "text" on the mix. I love getting the mixes, but I hate typing everything in. If I have done this to you, you probably deserved it, but I'm sorry. If you need help figuring out how to do that... ask me. Thanks ahead of time.

As you were.

Favorite Albums

Galas "Maladiction and Prayer" Severed Heads "Since the Accident" Neurosis "Souls at Zero" Caspar Brotzman "Mute Massaker"

I don't know where to end.

Recent Concerts

Diamanda Galas NYC


The Bugle Sounds, The Charge Begins

2007-04-11 10:56:58

Nurturing Phrenology or Poor Charlie Manson

2007-03-13 01:03:12

Manic Depression by J.Beck and Seal to Taxi Driver

2007-03-13 01:01:07

Murdered Musicians

2007-03-13 00:58:51


So You Like Skulls

I think this mix is going to a tattoo artist. I didn't have too much time to throw it together. I have alot of tattoo work myself, and I took some liberties here. Mainly, I put some of the heavier music I like on here. Not Carcass or Burzum or anything like that.. But I hope I didn't miss the mark with this new member. Hopefully he isn't panting at the mailbox looking for some Sinatra or leather fetish crap. Did I cross the line? Probably. Welcome to my life.

Late October Mix Disc #2

I mentioned how much I suck for being late with this mix, and so this is the second disc I am sending to make up for it. I did actually make a mix on time, with my last CDR in house, and proceeded to lose it somewhere.

Late mix double disc October#1

Ah.. So sorry to the recipient of this late mix. I was out of cdr's , and I live on the edge of the planet, where there are no stores, infrequent mail planes etc. boo hoo. Anyways, I tried to make up for it by sneaking a look at his profile and putting mostly music I think he would like. So some of these tracks have been used in the past, and they aren't my top favorites, but they're good songs.

Razor Blades in The Apples

I don't know anything about the recipient of this CD as usual. And hopefully they like the heavier stuff. It's not ridiculously heavy, but well... sometimes people only like pop music or whatever. My favorite tracks on this cd are the Baroness, 65daysofstatic and M83. Happy Halloween.

July is for jackasses

The Tapes n Tapes, Richard Hell, and Cult of Luna are my favorites on here.

Why Can't You Swim

Not too much time to listen to any new music I could share this month. this mix has some recent favorites. Jello's vocals on the Lard track are a little annoying, but the break in the middle of the song is pretty cool.

Music to fight traffic with

What can you say about The Meatmen, Pelican, Jesu, Gojira, Neurosis, Fishbone and Diamanda Galas? Don't answer that. I want to make friends not enemies.

IMP March 07: Music to find spare change to

The best song on this mix is one I spent 10 years trying to find after hearing it. I saw the band play at a hole in the wall called Jabberjaw in Los Angeles. The bass player was a dj at KXLU. The band is slug/slugg (not as in Aesop fame) and the song is heavy and frenetic how I like it. The rest.. good songs. The Severed Heads is also super rare.

Songs to clean out your crawlspace with

This wasn't my first mix for IMP. I don't remember what I put on the first mix... But on this one, Jesu is the best. Ex godflesh member Jason Broderick kicks ass in a current shoe gazing way. And, it would be okay if you played FNM's "Jizzlobber" at my funeral.


Don't Do it.


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I liked your blog on musians will mental illnesses.Gosh I dint know so many of jazz musicians were.you think of jazz as a calming genre that sooths your spirits and gosh the amount of musiciand that were murdered!Wow!Feel free to read some of my blogs and playlists some day and hit me up for a sidetrade too. Musically yours Trish


Hey, mom if you're still in tune; let's trade some mixes. It's gotta be worth the effort?


Hey, you okay? Big changes for you, yes? Hope it's all for the better.


I saw your "Music to find spare change to" as the featured mix on the homepage and would love a copy of it. Interested in a trade?


Hello! I just finished December's Not For Resale mix and thought you might like it. Here's the link to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. Let the demo mayhem commence!!!!! happy holidays. MxBx


Hey Electramummy! I got your mixes safe and sound. I'm loving everything on them so far, and I just had to look a couple groups up myself. Mad props. Much appreciated for the extra mix as well! :) Cheers


Claire, I like pretty much all of your music. So go crazy and indulge yourself (or me).


Hey no problem! I was running late on mine too. I look forward to hearing your mix! Hope all is well with you. - Mike


Electramummy: I should know this, but....what mixes have I sent you; other than Superfriends?


Don't worry. I'm behind too. Have had computer problems again. Hope to send them out in the next day or so.


Yes, I did. Check your email.


Okay, you're on.


How do. And a Happy Hello Ween to you too. I take it you're back on top of the world? So how does this work; do you boat from house to house to trick or treat? And speaking of sending out music....want to slip a little out on the side again?

Son of Ravyn

http://www.houstonpress.com/2007-09-13/music/tapes-n-tapes/ Feel free to pass it on as you see fit. . .


Electramummy, Awesome mix, excellent packaging, made listening a real celebration and loved every minute of it ... the reason I joined IMP... Thanks.


maybe that cover (that i was really happy with, actually) is still somehow on its way to you. but in the meantime, i trust you've figured out the artists and titles through other means.


sorry for the confusion about the photo disc and your actual mix. they both went out in the mail on monday july 2nd. the photo disc would have been in the normal slimline case w/ cover (see it on my mixtape list), and the disc w/ the music was w/ the notecard explaining the whole mess. does that make sense? sorry again.


so, would you happen to know why my "include cd text" option is in unselectable grey on itunes? i'm trying really hard not to label today as "one of those days"...


hello electramummy, i'm about to burn your june mix (sorry for the lateness) and i want to make sure i get this text thing right for you. is there a way for realplayer to do what you have in mind?


Hope you weren't unknowingly singing the Kiss song while treating the patient? That could be....awkward.


Not to worry; it's all worked out. I've converted all of the files to a format my car and home stereo can play and have copied all of your songs to disc (I'm not losing these ones!!!). I'm really diggin' 'em so far. In fact I'm listening to them at work right now. Of course I don't know the names of the songs yet; as I haven't made up any song lists on paper yet......... And I appreciate the size vs. "what you do with it" comment; but c'mon I got almost a dozen cd's out of this deal. I would like to at least try to balance the scale....


Electra's Mummy: Hidey, Hidey Ho. They arrived. I've hit the motherlode. Very cool, Clair. Thank you. Having a little problem with disc one in I-Tunes on the computer (says it can't play it; although it works in Mediaplayer???). The others work fine in Itunes though - go figure (no really...go figure....) Haven't tried them in the car yet. Thanks so much. When you said there were so many songs coming , I felt a little guilty and sent you something else (it's on it's way). Again, thanks a lot...the sneaky trade worked out fine.


Thanks for the tip about labeling songs from iTunes. Most appreciated.


Actually no, not yet.


Damn Girl I couldn't link to your Maiden article. I just about sh*t when I read the title. THE TROOPER!!!


Yeah, when was the last time you heard of a disgruntled painter going postal at an art supply store? And although a moral discussion won't keep the water out of the basement during the flood; I think in some small part it's been a lack of morals/values (or at least a discussion that these things might actually be worthwhile)that have put us into this sorry-ass position to begin with. I like your mixes too. Interested in a side trade? We can listen to music as the water rises.


Thanks for correcting me on Spectre/Spector. No really....I hate getting people's names wrong. I re-read your article and you have some interesting points. As I understand it, musicians (or any creative types for that matter), are no more represented as murderers than anyone else ;as you've said. There seems to be this common-sensical thought that "artistes" are nuttier than most or more prone to murderous or harm-inflicting behaviour. But common sense opinions rarely seem to stand up to any real scrutiny. I had a professor who frequently liked to point this out to me. The idea of the privaleged, "hot-house" artist is interesting. Certainly goes against the struggling artist type.


I actually had the Nuge's "Great White Buffalo" at the ready. Just ran out of room. I deliberated that omission at great length, rest assured!


What? You don't think Spectre is innocent?


Hey - You've got Brian Jones in your Murdered Musicians list. No sitting on the fence with you, huh? So what happened? you think he was pushed and didn't fall over his enourmous ego straight into the deep end? glug glug....


I'm afraid to comment to you ElectraMUMMY...so afraid.


Hi- I'm not so good at using this website, so I apologize for the delay in getting to you and thanking you for my mix. I only knew a few of the artists -- Arcade Fire, Shins--but I ended up really liking the mix. My kids did too. So, thanks and thanks for the cool cover art as well. Take care, Elisa Owen


Glad you liked the mix! I'm listening to some E*Vax right now, and I was like "I need to go say hey to Claire!" So that's what I'm doing. When do things start to thaw up there?

Son of Ravyn

Hey, now you're getting with it! My mix last month was a NAP tribute. Check it out.

Son of Ravyn

Yeah, sorry I couldn't provide you some tunes. I was in San Diego learning that my job doing compliance reporting for merchant generators puts me in the position of collecting and verifying information which, if incorrect or incomplete, could cost our customers millions of dollars per violation. In other words, I was crapping myself. Will provide songs next week. Although, I'm actually posting, so I better.


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