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Profile - Mike - International Mixtape Project
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About Me

I reside in Rochester, New York where I work as a librarian.

Favorite Songs

Bury the Hammer//Beat Happening; Bells of Love//Big Dipper; Ballad of el Goodo//Big Star; Biomusicology//Ted Leo & the Pharmacists; Supernatural Car Lover//Robert Pollard

Favorite Artists

Beat Happening; Big Dipper; Ted Leo & the Pharmacists; Robert Pollard; Yo la Tengo

Favorite Albums

Bee Thousand//Guided By Voices; The Magnetic Fields//69 Love Songs; Sloan//One Chord to Another; Times New Viking//Rip It Off; The Walkmen//Bows + Arrows

Recent Concerts

The Walkmen The National Andrew Bird


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Stay Free

Doot Doot Doot Doot

We Can't Be Wrong

The Light Is the Way

Sharing Wishes Over Dishes

I can handle it

Ngo Doh

Some Roads Are Only Seen At Night

The Vastness of Pavement

Sweet Lasagna

Bake a Pie

Like a Germ in a Microscope

Pirate Skulls and Bones

That's How It Starts

There Are No Pan-Asian Supermarkets Down in Hell

Put it On Vibrate

I Want to Be Your Space Invader

Watching Get Smart On TV

On a quand meme bien rigole

Milwaukee, 6 A.D.

Who Took the Bomp?


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Mike. No problem on the December mix. I'm behind on mine as well. December was a busy month. Didn't read your comment until after I clicked the "did not receive" button so sorry about that. Cheers, Eric


On paper it looks like a completely random bunch of tracks but it plays like a dream - thanks for a great August mix, I love it.


Found out you never received the mix I sent you....Must have gotten lost on the way. Sending a replacement and a bonus mix for you. They'll be in the mail tomorrow.


I'm your DJ for the month of August. Your mix went out today.


Hey Mike - thanks for the June mix - it's a great mix of old and new - i'm really enjoying it - and the Michael Jackson bonus was a real treat!


12/27: I sent my end of year 2 CD mix yesterday. I hope you enjoy it.


I'm a business major. How about you? Through talking to people I've found that it's a lot harder to get into certain majors than others. That's funny that you commemorated your trip with a song about the deli on Main Street. I can't tell if it's cool or sad if I know exactly which place you're talking about with only a few words. =)


Wow, that's crazy that you're a vegan and in Rochester! I'm actually attending college in Geneseo right now which is about 40 minutes away from Rochester. It's even smaller than Rome (I didn't even know such a thing was possible) and yes, it does make being a vegan a lot harder. It requires a lot of creativity and improvisation sometimes to get some variety in my diet, but I'm working with it. I figure if I can be a vegan here, I can pretty much be a vegan anywhere. =) Hope all is well! Have a good week!


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVED your April mix! I honestly loved everything, so thanks so much! I hope you found at least something on my mix that you liked. =] Take care!


I'm late with your March Mix. Will be mailing it tomorrow (4/16) Forgive me!


Hey Mike- I just sent your Mix out today. It should arrive shortly!


Hey Mike- I just sent your Mix out today. It should arrive shortly!

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Hi Mike, I'm your December mixmaker. Your mix went in the mail on 12/20/07.


Say Mike*Do you know if Beat happening are still going? Ever catch them live? Take Care & Have Fun Jon*


I got your mix today. I'll be honest when I saw R. Kelly as the first song I was a little concerned, but the mix is really great. I have that Bonde Do Role song stuck in my head desperately now. Thanks so much.


Hi Mike, Sorry I didn't respond for so long, I've been on the road for the past three weeks straight so I've had my mail canceled and little access to the internet. I should get all my mail back tomorrow and your mix will probably be in there.


Hey thanks for the mix tape, It was dope. Be looking out for one from me soon Thanks B


hi there, your cd went out on the 30th. i do hope you like it although perhaps i should've taken a gander at your faves first...hope you like to dance! peace,tana


Toad's Place certainly has character. I've seen Yo La Tengo there twice. They seem to fit the venue very well. Their strangely "hip" vibe melds well with the old band posters on the, the smoky 'aura' of the place, and "The Jungle," a side-bar adorned with fake plastic plants, green lighting and a sea of old fishing nets. Oddly beautiful.


That painting is beautiful -- it looks a bit like Clifford Still had a run-in with Richard Diebenkorn. "Sometimes," is just about one of the greatest songs ev-er.


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