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single and lookin' to mingle. ladies??

About Me

I believe I am one of the Charter IMP members. Plus I used to carpool to high school with Mr. Ryan Mixtape himself. Beat that!

Favorite Songs

PHiSH - Harry Hood, Access Me; Adam Green - Carolina; Ween - Bananas and Blow, Spirit of '76; The B-52's - Dance This Mess Around;

Favorite Artists

Favorite Albums

The Grateful Dead - American Beauty; Percy Hill - Color in Bloom; Radiohead - Amnesiac; Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot;

Recent Concerts

G. Love and John Butler Trio; Vampire Weekend;


Currently there are no blogs published.


IMP - ???

"I'd Like To Cut Your Head Off, So I Can Weight It, Whattayasay?"


LUV is in the air, for other people, not for me though.

Enter the Dragon

finally i make the instrumental mix you've all been waiting for!

Tales from the Jamband Songbook Vol. III

more tales from the jamband songbook, now with live tracks

Dec./Jan. 2007 - Hippity Hop

Feelin' kinda urban, kinda.


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Hail Andrew WK!!! his fans are few and far between but you've found one. Got your mix yesterday. April's one also arrived yesterday too, strange timing - I guess the post office return delay was always meant to be. Track list looks great, really looking forward to burying my ears in it. Will get back to you once the dust settles. Yours. mxbx


Ian: I got the 2/09 mix in the mail today. Super thanks! I'm looking forward to listening & enjoying it this afternoon. :Ashley


Hi Ian, I hope you got my mix back in late August -- I had just joined, and of course didn't put my profile link!


Ian, CD arrived today for which many thanks. Also appreciated the comments on the inlay card. On behalf of the dear old, U of K; I'm delighted that you still love us 'guys'. For my part; I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we continue to find you 'guys' enormously entertaining, particularly whenever one of your 'Republicans' gets near a microphone. Have fun. C.




whaddayaknow? still sticking with the phish in every mix, i see! thanks for the mix. i really enjoyed the bettye swann--never heard of her before, what a voice! following a great j5 (the original j5) tune, perfect. and one of my favorite radiohead tunes never hurts. but you're never going to make me a fan of that flaming lips song...tonight is the jammys; are you on the edge of your seat?


your mix is done and in the mail. I just kept forgetting to buy a padded envelope. have a happy day!


Great mix, love the Dave Matthews & Phish (#'s 2 & 18). Funny, I thought luv was a four letter word... Thanks again, Rich


Hey, I marked my mix as late then read your comment. Sorry! I'll keep an eye out for it.


You're once, tice, free times a mady...


hold on--where's the phish connection on "hippity hop?" you could've used "rapper's delight" from vegas 2000 with kid rock, but...yeah, that would have sucked...or "gettin' jiggy wit it" from hampton '98! anyway, i liked your article, being a phishhead myself, but i rarely end up putting phish on my mixes; the good stuff doesn't leave room for much else. i always put together a "best-of" live mix for each year, though, and trey is pretty much guaranteed a spot on every one. so, do you hope they reunite? any thoughts on post-hiatus trey? i thought last year was his best since '02. am i getting too geeky for you already?


Hey Ian, nice article there.. I don't know much about Phish but what I do hear is always good! Was wondering - did you put in HTML code for links inside your article, or were they added after?


Ha! Thanks man!

Paperback Writer

Am I mysterious in a good way or a bad way? :)


Is Ian the most common mixtaper name? Does it mean anything anyway? Oh, nice mix (Dec/Jan).

Ryan Mixtape

No website could ever replace the Hoagiemobile in my heart. Ian was there when I first saw Wilco perform in the parking lot of the Mann Music Center in Philly in 1994 -- that says a lot about our love.


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