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Hi Sara! This is just to let you know that I sent your June mix out a few days ago. Sorry I waited 'til the last minute. I think I may have written "July" on the CD by mistake, but it's actually for June. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Crossett


Hi Sara, you're May IMP 'Iron Man' is on its way :-)


Hi Sara, Brian here, you're mai IMPer. As you may have noticed you're IMP for May is late. Sorry about the delay I've been so busy changing jobs lately it took up a lot of my time (along with other things). I will say this, you're IMP is gonna be something special, I put a lotta work into it. I should have it ready for the post tomorrow (today is the 10th of June). So please bear with me :-) will let you know whne it's on its way. Sent me a comment if you have any hassle or questions or just chat :-)


Your mix was my 1 year anniversary! I love the cover art and the Brigitte Bardot. Thank you!


January's mix is now on it's way to you. Some of it is kind of obnoxious. Sorry, was just having one of those days. I hope you find something you like buried in there.