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David M

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here's 10....Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space; Wedding Present, George Best; Smiths,Smiths; Super Furry Animals, Radiator; Verve, A Northern Soul; Phil Spector, A Christmas Gift for You; Oasis,Definitely Maybe; Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy; Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque; Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady.

Recent Concerts

Brakes - Manchester, Feb 28 07 The Fall - Blackburn, Mar 9 07 Camera Obscura - Manchester, Apr 20 07


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Obligatory Fall song included

No Title

Obiligatory Fall Song Included 2

Fall Gruppe Sound-ah!


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great mix. thanks very much.


So glad the mix got there in one piece -- look foreward to your reaction in a few weeks. Enjoy - andy


Yeah, I lived in Barcelona for a bit when the cow parade was over there. Sorry, I just assumed everyone was as pathetically cow parade-obsessed as I was back then. How come you're turning your back on Manchester?


The cow's from Manchester, you daft ape! Is that your stomping ground? The photo was taken on the Manchester Met campus way back in 2004.


hmmm well, i just got my April mix from someone else so I think you may be mistaken that I'm your assignment. Either that or they doubled up*shrug* thanks for the heads up anyway;)


I'm a Mummy I scare people Look what happens when I walk up to somebody I'm a Mummy I was born one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine years ago Look what happens when I walk up to somebody I don't try to scare people I really came back to meet Paul McCartney


Hey I am very curious because of your picture. Did you visit belgium? Have you ever lived there? I have the exact same picture with my brother and myself when we were kids. Seeing it here totally excites me! Very very cool! Also really diggin your mix, many-a grand ol' band on it. Bravo. Tootles Ciao Arielle