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city slicker

About Me

card carrying aquabat cadet - badge #0001553.

don't have cable tv, bunny ears pick up the HD.

most of the time my itunes will not allow me to include cd text.

usually burning doing the neutron dance.

wishes ipod didn't break. twice.

enjoys music on the street.

Favorite Songs

that ever changing mix tape can be heard here:

Favorite Artists

people who play musical instruments.

Favorite Albums

the stack of old records found on the street. for sentimental reasons mostly.

Recent Concerts

mariachi bands on the 6 train.


Currently there are no blogs published.


play it again, yo!

covers covers covers!

from la living in nyc.

favorite songs from coast to coast.

love stories

nothing too mushy.

borrowed, bought and stolen

rebuilding of a lost playlist. electronics should never be trusted.

frenchie and friends

in a french discovery mode at the moment, plus some other tracks that have been on repeat for a while.


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Hi Natalie, I got totally sidetracked and forgot to mail your April mix...I put it in the post today, so hopefully you'll get it soon. Sorry bout that... Ali


hey natalie, glad you liked the mix. i know, it was a weird combination, not the easiest listen but hopefully you found some things of interest. cheers.


Hi Natalie*Thanks for the amazing mix & wonderful card.More later and hope you are happy and well. Jon*


Got your mix, really enjoying it. It's given me some avenues to explore further.


It arrived at my house mid-week! shanks! I can't wait to listen to it.


Why the anchor chain on the cow? Is she especially dangerous?