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Moe Moe


About Me

Burmese, grew up in Burma, SIngapore, America - in that order. Now trying to live in a new continent. Loves music and her ipod. Loves to write poetry, short stories, and reading them too. Wishes she had something to submit to The New Yorker. Also loves: butterflies, daydreamin', boots, dark chocolate and people with visions.

Favorite Songs

too many. Would have to upload my itunes playlist.

Favorite Artists

I like everything that has clever lyrics and a good beat or both. I don't really like country songs however. I like music that I can dance to, scream to, sing to, daydream in.

Favorite Albums

the ones that came up immediately: Beautiful Garbage by Garbage, Homogenic by Bjork, Sheryl Crow by Sheryl Crow,

that's all that I can immediately think of.

Recent Concerts

haven't gone to a concert recently. oh poor me.


Yangon Thu

2007-02-06 09:12:33



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Hi, My mix is going to be late you, mailed it today. I just got married this past week so that is my excuse. I checked out your blog a bit and decided to make a mix of songs that I seem to rock out to. And then the other one is a nice dreamy mix for walking around in the warm summer evenings! Hmm I'm not sure what your weather is like there. take care!


Hi Moe Moe, Just to let you know- your March mix is in the mail but may take a couple of weeks. it's being mailed from south africa and the mail is very slow here! but enjoy it. cheers, Abbey