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steven falconer-purveyor of pictish doom

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the clash,beefheart,comus,mc5,stooges,death, dylan,bathory,doors,repulsion,king crimson,hellhammer,my bloody valentine,entombed,ride,stone roses,dead kennedys,black flag,ADF,prince far i,at the gates,lee perry,napalm death,flaming lips,bad brains,cromags,danzig,replacements,misfi ts,simply saucer,big star,talking heads, thethe,neurosis,the las,velvet undrground,pink floyd,black sabbath,joe gibbs,nectarine no9,can,pistols,faust, joy division,flux of pink indians,nick cave,low,discharge,GBH,venom,kiss,johhny cash,public enemy,voivod,terrorizer,st vitus,sixteen horsepower,drive by truckers,neil young,killing joke,converge,the goats,RATM,trouble,mudhoney,varukers, nick drake,oi polloi,handsome family,elliot smith,bonnie prince billy,jim white,blind willie mctell, kreator,mccarthy,the band,acdc,metallica,slayer,boltthrower,g odflesh,NWA,mercyful fate,wu tang clan, boris,labradford,deerhoof,devandra banhart,minor threat,howlin rain,butthole surfers,black mountain,melvins,faith no more,clinic,crass,dark angel,black keys,amebix,deviated instinct,bang,confessor,clutch,bevis frond,electric wizard,DRI,antiseen,converge,agnostic front,motorhead,robert wyatt,popol vuh, masters of reality,kyuss,rilo kiley,at the gates,sabbat,obsessed,spirit caravan,led zep,conflict,subhumans,yes,wire,nirvana, king diamond.

Favorite Albums

comus-1st utterance,mc5-high times, repulsion-horrified,ADF-rafis revenge, stone roses-s/t,thethe-infected, hellhammer-apocalyptic raids,misfits- earth ad,bad brains-roir,stooges-fun house,husker du-zen arcade,dead kennedys-fresh fruit..,emtombed- clandestine,my bloody valentine- loveless,rush-2112,death- leprosy,discharge-hear nothing...,pavement-crooked rain,labradford-prazision,clash-london calling,prince far i- silver&gold,flaming lips-clouds taste metalic,big youth-screaming target,the doors-s/t,dylan-blood on the tracks,wooden wand- 2ndattention,VU&nico,mellow candle- swaddling songs,kyuss-blues for red sun,morbid angel-alters of madness,black flag-my war-sabbath- vol4,pixies-doolittle,skip spence- oar,cathedral-forest of equilibrium,syd barrett-madcap laughs,king crimson- court of krimson king,kate bush-kick inside,slayer-reign in blood,rolling stones-exile main st,love-forever changes,kreator-extreme aggression,napalm death-scum,television- marquee moon,funkadelic-maggot brain,johnny thunders-lamf,simply saucer-cyborgs revisited,the band- s/t,alabama3-exile coldharbour lane,big star-13,bathory-blood fire death,minor threat-demo tape,metallica-ride the lightning,trouble-s/t,st vitus-v, candlemass-epicus doomicus metallicus,nick cave-let love in,low- things we lost in the fire,isis- oceanic,public enemy-takes nation of milions,voivod-dimension hatross,prong- force fed,kiss-s/t,darkthrone-blaze in northern sky,acdc-powerage,sonic youth- dirty.

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please make those tapes!!

2007-08-14 01:35:56


its a long road

no theme

a mixture of a few songs that ive been playing recently

the pagan wars vol 1,2&3

i decided with this one to go for a pagan/viking/battle metal theme. it invovled bands from uk battling it out with invaders from scandanavia(vikings) and Germany (saxon/barbarians) i made up the battle sites, for example the 3rd and 4th songs make up the battle of basdbury hill with electric wizard from dorset taking on candlemass from sweden. as per it spiralled out of control and became a 3xcd mix.


best of 2007

baader meinhoff

space is the place

tis the season to be jolly

as the recipient was from brooklyn i started making mix by copying a villians track who are led by killusion of unearthly trance who hail from brooklyn, having listened to this tune i got absorbed in putting together similiar sounds on a black/death metal theme!!merry xmas!!



imp mix august 2007

june07 "DUB ROCKIN"

may 2007 imp mixtape

this was a selection of the tunes i had been listening to the weekend when i compiled this tape

the alba collection

havent altogether gone with ryans suggestion of songs from each year. instead, as this was first mixtape i made compilation of songs from bands from my country of origin, scotland. also culdnt fit all songs on one cd so it ended up being a double album!!

scott "wino" weinrich- The colllection

have gone along with the theme suggested by ryan. have chosen doom/stoner rock maestro wino for this compilation. highly underated and unknown outside aforementined scenes, this should change!!presented here is a selection of the finest bands wino has fronted, currently singer/guitarist with the excellent hidden hand. good intelligent rock music.


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L.A. in N.Y.C.

July 24/ Hi Steve, your July '08 mix is on its way from my hot little hands to the center of your heart...


Hi Steve, Belatedly checking in to make sure you received my mix for May '08. I think I forgot to include my email / profile 411 on the mailing ... hope summer is treating you splendidly. Cheers.


Great disc! "The Long Road" seems to fit my current head space. Love the Black Widow among many others, I'm off looking for more... Regards, Rich


I absolutely love the Pagan Wars mix you sent me. In fact, I declare you the winner of the International Mixtape Project.


Hi Stevie! That Christmas mix looks brilliant! Everyone needs some Wold and Bone Awl to get their festive fires glowing...red with fury!! haha. Speak soon. Dxx


The Dub and Alba mixes look pretty cool.


Thanks again for the mix. Space IS the place!


Read your blog and couldn't agree more. Hope your Pictish Doom/Gloom has been lifted by the receipt or imminent receipt of my replacement mix.


www.heatherale.co.uk should sort you out proper. Steve


Steven, As a POPD, you seem the ideal candidate for the Heather Ale selection of brews, some of which are brewed from Pictish recipes found in scraps of poetry. But you already were aware of these, no doubt Steve


Have you heard the new Oi Polloi album~all in Gaelic?


Did the DK bootleg ever arrive? what was it? Listened to a funny one the other night~Brady's Liverpool maybe 82 ? the crowd all chanting what sounded like Bitsapizza . Jon*


okay- a new one will go out by the end of this week. and it will be GREAT and totally not 1.5 months anticlimatically late.

Ryan Mixtape

Primal Scream are from Scotland? I had no idea! Also, I love Sons and Daughters, so thank your countrymen for that.


Hey Steven- I sent your mix around March 17th??? I'm in Minnesota in the U.S. I'll wait a couple days in case, but I'm sending you another :(


i just recieved my mix but I have yet to listen to it, it's hanging out in my car. Thank you so much I'm very excited to hear some new bands, always fun for a music fiend. :)


Is it Skateboard Party? or was that prior to 82? Are you into Biafra? I have 'Become the Media' on Cd I no longer need if yoy want it.Sorry you had to chase me around,maybe have to use a different name for mixtaping. Take Care Jon*


Hi mate, it wasn't me who left the comment I'm afraid, try here: http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/showPersonsProfile.php?profileId=120 Hope this helps Jon


Steven~do you have any DK live tapes? I am after replacing my London Poly 82(?) casstte Do you have an allotment? It was good on mine today in the snow Take care and have fun Jon*


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