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About Me

If a characteristic of being a "hipster" is disliking them, well, then, there you go.

Favorite Songs

Kazoo-driven Benny Hill theme song. Also, any repetitive yodelling that can either be played or performed at parties or social gatherings otherwise creates, by and large, laughter first, then communal annoyance, then a sense of helplessness and defeat, and finally, without explanation, a drug- like euphoria. Try it. It's weird.

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Before and After the Wreck

Going to Stamford Bridge to Watch the Footballers

Going to Stamford Bridge to Watch the Footballers


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Hi, David, Yeah, that would be awesome! I've been indulging in side-trades a little...just let me know if a particular mix I've posted strikes your fancy. On your April mix, I especially liked the Sleater Kinney song, the Skatalites, Good, The Bad, & The Queen, and Jens Lekman. Are all the artists on it British?


Yay! I joined IMP! now lets just hope that i can make some mixes that don't suck...


Hey, David, Thanks! Yeah, I got it a few days ago. No worries. I plan on giving it a listen this weekend! It is a lovely cover, btw. :-)

David M

English Chelsea fan, This is your last game, We're not Galatasary, We're Sparta F.C.. HEY!