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they call me mellow yellow

About Me

my real name is actually nina simone, my moms a huge fan. Im a chinese jumprope champ. Im also teachers pet and borderline everything. I play with words but humility keeps them hidden in an electronic diary underneath my bed. I like maps, hinduism and etching and am currently obsessing over assia wevill. I also try to speak italian.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

t-rex, arthur russell, huggy bear, slowdive, shuggie otis, neil young, nina simone, nmh, stereolab, built to spill, pavement, bikini kill, yo la tengo,aesop rock syd barrett, velvet underground, carter family, nico, vashti bunyan, brian eno, tribe called quest, patsy cline

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Just saw ''Welcome to Dreamland' w/ Devendra Barnhart, Coco Rosie, Vashti Bunyan & Cibelle. Totally awesome concert, was also huge fan of the 'ricola' dispensers.


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hello. Here's a bit of a spammy request, but I hope you will like it! Don't know if you use at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


sorry, but i've had to type this since seeing your profile when i joined imp a year ago: you are so beautiful, it's mind-boggling. i can go on listing the reasons why until i have carpal tunnel syndrome, have surgery for it, recouperate, then continue. your self-deprecation, description and interests just make you more so....that's it - had to be said. i feel much better now :-)


I just sent out your June mix today. Sorry for the delay, things have been crazy out here, I hope you enjoy


You might like Andrew Bird, if you haven't already checked him out.


And so would; "interesting".


If I could at all spell cartographer would look different.


A borderline cartograhper who likes Patsy Cline? An intersting combination. How do you feel about globes? I think they should be made into music boxes, myself.


you may want to check my blog in a day or 2.