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About Me

i like goth rock, new wave, coldwave, synthpunk, electronic, dub, ambient, postpunk, deathrock ... and then i go out

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adult., tobias bernstrup, calla, the sound, malaria!, bohemien, comsat angels, frank the baptist, gary numan, joy division, the cure, prince, audra, christian death, pink turns blue, einstuerzende neubauten, the chameleons, clan of xymox, colder, the sisters of mercy, fad gadget, danse soceity, flock of seagulls, love spirals downwards, depeche mode, human league, devo, tears for fears, siouxsie, faith and the muse, tuxedo moon, mephisto walz, bowie, the orb, ikon, massive attack, bjork, slowdive, tubeway army, oliver lieb, kraftwerk, escape with romeo, black ice, lowlife, the prodigy, ride, behind the scenes, snake corps, ministry, charles de goal, future sound of london, ulrich schnauss, sigur ros, lene lovich, brian eno, blacklist, bell hollow, fields of the nephilim, dead can dance

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gothic rock

some new, some old. bats, blood, and guitars - what's not to like?


need i say more?


robots, devolution, alienation

triumph of the chill

synthetic waveforms

+ new wave classix

all these feelings

mostly goth + electronic goodies


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Jon Paul

Hey sorry just saw your comment from a month ago (I rarely check that section.) I'm up for trading a disk if you're interested. I try to tailor them (if people actually list what they like) so I think I can come up with something crazy...let me know if you're interested


thank you for the excellent mix cd. i definitely played it loud and then louder the second time.


Thanks and I hope we trade too.


ooh nice mix...i saw ilybicd in concert some months ago... they were quite good.