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Carly A

Trying out new music legs

About Me

Okay, so I checked out some other profiles and now I'm feeling a bit concerned about my mixtape making abilities. Any advice on how I can better nurture a theme on a mixtape? I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to music, but I'm absorbing as much as I can. I'll accept suggestions on stuff to check out too. Thanks!

Favorite Songs

Please help me find new ones!

Favorite Artists

Immaculate Machine, Social Distortion, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Hatebreed, Rise Against, Corb Lund Band, Ian Tyson, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, Go! Team, Take That, The Shins, Postal Service, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22...

Favorite Albums

I'll listen to anything and would love to have new stuff to list here. I've started getting interested in Ska if anyone has any suggestions.

Recent Concerts

Hatebreed, Slayer, Immaculate Machine, Death Cab, Bright Eyes, Raine Maida...


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Skavoovie! If you're still interested in ska, I'd be happy to make you a mix.


Whoa I never responded to the comment you gave me eons ago. It WAS a ridiculous comment, however I happen to be a ridiculous person. Have a good day, Carly..... Hahahaha, creeepy.


Your comment put a smile on my face and was just the type of playful response that makes the day worth while. Much apprecation. :)


Got your tape today! Thanks.. and an actual mixtape too!!! too bad I have to wait until I find a cassette player though to hear it...i moved recently and have a tiny apt in paris, so minimalism is a necessity- the only music player I have is the one in my laptop - gasp!!


No worries about the tape...I completely understand. But i am looking forward to it. Good luck on your courses!


This is the April mix. I was late on the March and early on the April. You know, kill two birds with one trip to the post office. The copywriting gig's good, to answer your question. I've been at it for 9 years now, so I guess it's more of a career than a gig at this point. But good nonetheless. Anyway, not about music, but I'm happy to chat about it more if you want.


Sorry about March-- I mailed it last Monday (April 2nd) so it should be there very very soon, but if it doesn't come within the next week, I'll send another copy! Thanks for understanding!


Hey Carly- Droppin' a little Drive By Truckers mix in the mail to you today.


Thanks for the info! I'll check it out. Always appreciate learning about new bands.


Helluvah name you got there...


Hatebreed and Death Cab? There's two I doubt will be on a double-bill together.