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why can't we all just get along, man?

About Me

living in japan, but from england

Favorite Songs

i'll put them on your mixtape

Favorite Artists

the slits, the fall, the buzzcocks, adam and the ants, roy ayers, st etienne, bob log III, donovan, eric b and rakim, elastica, badly drawn boy, new order, prince, weezer, asian dub foundation, teenage fanclub, nick drake, a tribe called quest, most stuff on compost records and general broken beat, funk, old skool hip hop and disco.

Favorite Albums

I'm more of a singles man, but....pj harvey - dry, beastie boys - paul's boutique, beatles - abbey road, the buzzcocks - singles going steady, weezer - the blue album, happy mondays - pills, thrills and bellyaches, prince - purple rain / dirty mind, badly drawn boy - hour of the bewilderbeast, linton kwesi johnson - bass culture, oasis - definately maybe, the avalanches - since i left you, the charaltans - tellin' stories, the la's - the la's, dillinger - cb200, juliana hatfield - become what you are, al green - greatest hits, belle and sebastian - the boy with the arab strap, nick drake - bryter later

Recent Concerts

i saw the fall last year, but i don't get out much these days....


Currently there are no blogs published.


March 2008

March 2008

no photography

all over the shop.....


december 2007

golf practice

october 2007

same ol' mish mash.... best ever riff from the buzzcocks(see just by radiohead and shot by both sides from magazine for comparison)

pots and pans

big old mess this one

here comes the summer

i was naughty last month... a bit late. the vinyl slipped on here messes up the levels a bit, so keep your finger on the volume. 50 cent and Modest Mouse is a fun mash up, as is Doves and David Essex...

May 2007 IMP

I got vinyl onto to the cd....it's a pain in the arse, and i apologise for the dodgy sound levels. I managed to get Prince (via mash-up) and The Fall on here again....

and tom doesn't posse any acid

another laptop mix. i hope the recipient likes reggae, i was in that kind of mood. once again, a fall track, and one from prince...i wonder if i can keep that up?

march 2007

between england and japan...no access to vinyl - a laptop mix


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Hiya Darren. I'm the doofus who neglected to send you an August mix. Sorry about that. I'm a lazy, lazy man, but I am on it now and will get your mix in the mail promptly.


Cos im so slow, I only just saw your comment re the July mix. Glad you liked it, I was hoping it would go to a reggae fan! The world needs more irie vibes, man!


Hi Darren I got your mix.wow very eclectic.interesting stuff.thank you!Trish


Thanks for the May mixes! Good stuff.


Darren - I messed up - in a couple exchange clubs and was thinking the exchange was with person a cd is received from. Your cd is in the mail and on its way. Sorry man.


I hope you got your mix cd. I sent it to the address on the envelope. It had been awhile since getting the email assignment so I did not think of the difference in the two addresses.


December mix was posted between Christmas and New Year. It's got a long way to travel - you should hopefullly have it in about a week.


Hi Darren. Apologies, I came down with the dreaded swine flu last week, so I'm a bit late sending over your November mix. However, it'll be in the post from the UK by tomorrow (Mon 7 Dec), and it's a double CD, so hopefully that will make up for it. Hope you like it!


Howdy Hey!!! Got my mix. And it's really good. The variety is great and I didn't know most of the songs; so cudos to you. Unfortunately the Q. Crisp track don't play? Go figure, but it looked like it would have been a good one. Thanks a lot.


Hi Darren, Apologies but I'm running late with you April mix. I'll throw you in a copy of the May one I put together for good measure. BTW You sent me my first mixtape back in March 2007. Been mixtaping ever since! Thanks man!


Your December mix is on the way. Hope you like it.


Awesome mix - and all the way from Japan! Just received today and am enjoying immensely. Thanks much!


Hey - your June 2008 mix is in the mail today. I hope you get it soon!


Dropped your May mix in the mail today 5/5/08 Cinco De Mayo. Let me know when you get it.


Very happy to know that you are enjoying the mixes. Man, I was digging deep into my vault to find some of these old tunes of The Fall, EPMD, and others. I have been playing this stuff non-stop myself for the past week. I was putting The Fall's version of "Lost In Music" by Sister Sledge but the cassette was eaten by my tape deck.


You have been selected for my March assignment. It has been completed and mailed today, March 20. Please let me know when you receive it. I have no idea how long it will take to get to Japan. More importantly, it is designed for your taste in music according to your profile and I hope you enjoy it as much as I put it together and played it loudly. seanvmcmonagle@hotmail.com


Thanks Darren for the Mix CD handshake across the Pacific. I enjoyed it very much! ~John


Yep I do have a lot of albums. Everyone in my family likes their own little sphere of music so . . . Guess that accounts for my randomness. "Moonbeam" was my favorite song on your CD. It was funny because a few friends came in to visit awhile back. I tend to just listen to the IMPs in my car (if someone steals my CDs they are all just burned.) So when "Moonbeam" came on everyone just stopped and afterwards said what a perfect little song it was for driving around D.C. Pretty neat. It almost felt like a Volkswagen commercial. Ha.


Sorry about the late mix! I mailed it off last week, hope it's on it's way to you soon!


Thanks for the March mix man! Some sweet numbers on there!


Yay. A photo of food. Like-mindedness.


Hey I used to live in Japan too .. for three years. Where are you living? Do you have a LiveJournal? If you do, look up ExpatsJapan in a search - there are tons of people on there that live or have lived in Japan. Let me know!


That's not back bacon is it?


man, I miss that English breakfast


That's a hot look though if you can pull it off. Be sure and wear spandex pants with the overly tight ROCK show T-shirt. Maybe a studded belt over the spandex pants...and white leather high top shoes of course. Don't forget the 2 spiked leather forearm bracers either. Very Iron Maiden.


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