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Fall Mix

Summer Road Trip Mix

This is a pretty lame mix since I've been busy doing summer things. I threw these songs together for a late night/early morning drive earlier this year.

May 2007

Rock and roll

Doug Martsch

20 Years

What I've been listening to over the last 20 years or so.


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I'm your March mix lady. I'm so sorry it's nearly unforgivably late, but it's coming! My computer had a meltdown but I'm back on track and will be getting the mix out to you in no time.


If a mix has the Clash, The Jam and Ted Leo on it it can't be that lame.


Thank you for my mix. It's nice on my ride home from work every day.


Thanks for the mix Amy.Been trying to e mail & they're getting bounced back to me.Will report more when I've had a good listen* Hope the mid terms went ok.Have fun. Jon*


hi amy :-) i love the whole cd! especially the halo benders, bad brains, the old 97s and the animals. i received it just before my birthday (9/8), so it was like getting an unexpected present in the mail. love that you printed a cover (and the cute post-it was nice). thanks for the mix and the warmth and the personal touch -ron


....or the BTS version of Cortez the Killer?


Love the DM idea.How did Halo Bender's Virginia, Reel Around the Fountain, or the live version of The Plan missed the cut?