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Only Sick Music

late as hell

Jive From 7.05

As random as they get.

bjork is back!!* *sprinkled with some sugarcubes

Greetings, from Park Slope, Brooklyn!

Insomnia in Brooklyn--Scattered and Spent


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Thomas J

I have not received a mix from you yet, or rather you have not been tasked with sending me one, but anyone that puts Wonder Stuff on their mixes... those are dubs I hope for.


Interested in a side trade, Ali?


i got the mix. it rocks. especially the random prince song :)


Ali, Ali...Dear,sweet Ali-Thank you for the lovely comments...Me, I try to put something-anything on a disk,(I think/hope/pray),that a recipient would like. So sometimes it's a bit varied, a bit frenetic, but like I say, I'm glad you liked it.


Glad you liked the cd-In all honesty I have to say that my taste in music somewhat hit and miss; fair to middling at best-I'm just happy to hear that it didn't make your ears bleed...


Firing off your April mix-will post this week-could run a bit late on receiving...


sweet, thanks for letting me know, i was wondering about's a high pressure situation!


that's deadly you got it, yeah hope you like! i didn't know it was your first wowsa no pressure...


hello ali, i did send the mix but a i was late sending it and b it's coming all the way from ireland, but i think you should have received by now? let me know!