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C. Timothy

new orleans/bed-stuy

About Me

Yo. My name is tim. some people prefer my first name, cyrbryle. i love music. it has become my life. my dad played music with the dirty dozen brass band. i make music for electrical equity. the crew was illucid. i am quixotic kid. i work with sleek. i can make popcorn. takami is ill. the future looks encouraging. live in the present.

Favorite Songs

Green Plastic Watering Can-Radiohead Proud Scar-Sleek Shoes-Atmosphere Bullfight in Ireland-Blockhead Daylight-Aesop Rock Sophisticated Cissy Strut-The Meters On The Dark Side of the Street-Percy Sledge The Patient-Tool

Favorite Artists

Myself, Sleek, Takami, Dollar Sign, Common, Nas, jay-z, dj jubilee, lil wayne, thom yorke, radiohead, dj shadow, rjd2, peter bjorn and john, dj silent rebellion, jud neilsen, all the marcuses

Favorite Albums

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