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U R welcome! Thanks for being so open to my musical invasion of your inner ear fortresses. Take Care.


Your package has been mailed off as of today May 16. It should arrive in 5 - 10 days. Please let me know when you receive it.


Did you receive my ticking package?


Just got the mix and haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. I always like seeing where each month's mix comes from, but the ink bled on the back of the envelope. Where are you from?


Yo thomas Sent your mix out a couple a days ago.Please tell me when received. Made a poetic blog for it but, the formatting got screwed up when posted if you give me your email I can send it to you and in the proper format. It may help get the jest of the mix. Though i think it speaks for itself. Hope it is enjoyable. tivoli!!!


Hi! Just sent out your mix yesterday- sorry it'll be a tad late. Hope you enjoy it.


4/22: I am sending this month's mix today. I don't think it will get there before the end of the month, but I'm pretty sure it's different from others you have received. Cheers and værsgo ikke bøj, James


Once again, so sorry. It's actually in the mail this time!


Your mix is running late, my apologies. I'm sending it out tomorrow!


Glad to hear it! Feel free to contact me if you wanna do a side-trade some time!


Hey there! I've had a crazy-busy month and haven't been able to send your mix, but, despite how late it will be, it is coming! So sorry, hope you enjoy it when it arrives! Joe Leidy in VT