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Profile - Laurin - International Mixtape Project
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Napping in the Grass

About Me

Things I like: ultimate frisbee; dogs; reading; banana milkshakes; being outdoors and shutting the world out thanks to my iPod.

Favorite Songs

"I Wish You Well" might be my most favorite song ever. So I end every mixtape with it. What a nice thought to pass along to someone else.

Favorite Artists

The Beatles, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, Bill Withers, Nina Simone, Jenny Lewis, Lily Allen and the Ditty Bops.

Favorite Albums

ABBA Gold, Bob Dylan's Biograph and The Last Waltz are all albums that I could listen to over and over again.

(yeah ABBA okay!)

Recent Concerts

Willie Nelson, Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris and Ira Glass is coming up . . . At what point did NPR personalities start taking over from actual music?!


Currently there are no blogs published.


Songs from Albums Beginning with a "W" 2

Starring our second dog, Tilly! A Tilly & the Wall song is included.

Albums Beginning with a "W"

Was with my friend and this was the FIRST rainbow she's ever seen.

Albums That Begin with a "V"

Old Man Eyebrows

Albums That Begin with a "U"

Went to the Bay of Fundy!

Albums that Begin with a "TT"

I saw a real ugly duckling!

Albums that Begin with a "T"

That's right! Bowling should be in the Olympics.

Albums Beginning with a R

I got termites. Gross but this is what they look like.

Albums Beginning with a S

The chalk bench is so beautiful! Look at what you can find on the street.

Album Beginning with an O

I'm knitting some socks.

Albums Beginning with a Q

I only have two albums that begin with Q. Oops. But there were cherry blossoms!

Albums Beginning with a P

Playing at the garden.

Albums Beginning with an N

The unblemished view from Mt. Vernon

Albums Beginning with a M

It's a Tree!

Albums Beginning with a L - second L is for LIVE

My dog hates me.

Albums Beginning with a L

Sadie was a good dog.

Albums Beginning with a K

Missed climbing the National Cathedral steps. Next time they open them: May.

Albums Beginning with a J

Aren't those creepy butterflies?

Albums Beginning with a G

A mosaic exhibit came to New Orleans from the Vatican

Albums Beginning with a F

My buddy got married on a horse farm.

Albums Beginning with an I

Still happy about Harry Potter.

Albums Beginning with an H

I'd like to take a nap like that.

Albums that Begin with an E

One kid got all the Easter eggs.

Albums that Begin with a D

The Daffodils bloomed!

Albums Beginning with a C

It snowed a lot last February.

Albums Beginning with an A

Christmas light show.

Albums Beginning with a Number

One November my dog ate lipstick.

Albums Beginning with a B

The best sparkler ever.


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Did you get that thing I sent you?


Laurin, Ages ago you sent us a mix we're still listening to. We then sent you the mix with Roald Dahl at the end. We'd like to propose a side trade?!? Andy and Kate


Great October mix! Thanks :)


Lovely August mix, thanks!


Hi Laurin, your July mix left Sydney today (July 12th).


Hi Laurin, I'd be more than pleased if you'd agree to a side trade sometime.


April mix in the post to you this afternoon :)


Hi Laurin. Really sorry you had to resend my December mix - I received them both within a couple of days of each others this week! - I'm not sure what happened but I guess the Christmas post didn't help. Anyway, I have your Glen Allen address in my mixtape assignment history so will send you a mix as an apology for wasting your time (and money!). Let me know if there's a mix on my profile page that you'd like or if you'd rather a surprise!


My apologies. I never got an email for July and I presumed my account had lapsed. I believe you are the 1st one I send to that I have recieved from. Will have something out this week,, oh an TAL rules....


Laurin, Pretty much every mix i've made on this website has ended with "At Last, Badger Stood Up". It's the most perfect ending of my favourite book of all time. Geek. Anyhoo, thanks for the massive compliment. It brought a huge smile. Odd request, but what else was on the mix? Email the tracklisting to me if you could on reachandyperkins@gmail.com and we'll make sure to make others of such a standard. Ps. I know i've said this before but seriously...the dog...cool guy. Andy and Kate. xxx


Laurin, I don't have a dog as cool as your dog. I don't have a dog. If I had a dog I would claim it ate your mix. Truth be told I made it late. It's on it's way from Manchester, UK. Will be with you soon. Andy and Kate


Hi Laurin, Sorry to say, the 9/10 disc I owe you is late - should be in the mail SOON. By the way, I like your mixes! Lots of great music there. Valentina


Hey Laurin, thanks for your July mix, some great tracks on there. That one's staying in the car... :)


It is david.haw@cogeco.ca


haha that sounds about right. I've heard Garfunkel is a little eccentric. Wasn't he busted not too long ago for smoking pot in his car at an intersection?


Yes please.


Laurin, you've got my early summer mix. It's coming from London, hope you get it before the autumn!


Oh wow. As old as they are, i would love to see Simon and Garfunkel live. How were they? I'll definitely check out Duhon. Thanks. :)


I''m assuming that you're the Laurin that sent me the Feb. '10 mixtape, since you are the only Laurin that came up in the IMP search engine. haha Anyways,....just got it today, and so far it's great. I have a pretty huge music library, so i'm always excited to see a mix with a few bands i have never heard of. Also, really liking the way the songs fit together so far. :) Thank- you!


OK, so I accidentally pressed that I have received your mixtape. Haven't yet, but will let you know when I do!


Laurin: If you're the Laurin that sent me "Songs That Begin with an "a" mix for July; it arrived. Unfortunately some postie sat on it or something as it was snapped in two inside the mailing envelope!!!! Imagine the letdown. All excited about it and.....bummer. Any chance you could send another one?


ta laurin...your may mix has rattled around my car journeys for a few weeks now...only skipped jimmy buffett! he's marmite to me! if only i could recall the lettered theme you chose again. ta sid


your May mix is in the mail.


Thanks for January's mixtape! i really enjoyed it! helped me move into my new house with some new tunes X


Hi Laurin Im Trish Musically we have much in common.You right on with Isaac Hayses version of Walk on by. If you would like to do a side trade im on myspace.http://www.myspace.com/trishmul77 or email me trishmul77@hotmail.com


December mix going out this week. Hope you enjoy it.


hi there! i believe you are who i am to be sendinga mix to this month. unfortunatley that seems to be taking a lil longer than usual as my computer has decided it no longer likes making mixes. I will send it out as soon as i can!


thanks for the mix!


Laurin! I am checking to see if you got the mix I made especially for you. Kinda funny that we both had each other for a month assignment.


Got your mix today.. I guess you never run out of ideas! Love it so far! :)


What a delicious butter-scotch flavored mix. Mmmmmm Mmmmm! Thank you again!


I had the idea....but the better half actually put it together. I am glad you enjoyed it!


got your mix yesterday and made a mad rush to the stereo just to hear BBQ by Emmet Otter's Jug Band. Outstanding. I enjoyed the entire mix; very diverse and good. Pointer Sisters is a guilty pleasure. Jump in!


Got your mix done. Will be sending it out here this coming week. Have a Happy Halloween!!!


Hey, I was a little late getting your mix out this month -- I just went to the post office this afternoon. That said, I'm guessing you'll have it tomorrow or the next day, seeing as how I could drive it to your doorstep in about a half hour. Looking at your taste, I think you'll dig it. :-) ~Matt


thanks for the h..... jeez, you must have a lot of albums.....


Hey, I have you as my assignment for June. I'm really sorry, I had these crazy summer school courses that lasted for just the month, so it was totally crazy. I havnt' had a moment to do anything else. BUT, I'm back on track now, so I can indeed get your cd to you. So, it may be just a bit late. I'm SORRY! I think I'm going to post a blog about why the songs are on your mix,....just cause thats fun????


I really like your style. Your mixtapes look very cool, with a lot of thought going in to 'em. Nina Simone, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday! If I ever turn up as your assignment, I hope it's a month when the albums begin with a letter lending themselves to a bunch of cool jazz and soul. It's a damn shame that (so far) not a single recipient of your mixes has commented. Or maybe you delete comments? Anyway, Hope you enjoyed the one I sent you back in December. Looking at your mixes, I guess that a fair bit of mine might not really be to your taste. Still, hope you didn't get turned off by it entirely and miss out on the James Brown and Isaac Hayes tracks. The Hayes version of Walk On By is a thing of true majesty that everyone should hear. It's on Hot Buttered Soul if you're looking for tracks when you get to your H month.


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