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Xiao Wen


About Me

A 20-ish ingenue who loves ice-cream & penguins.

film | music | fashion | design | yoga | meditation | pole-dance | gigs | blogging | mix-tapes | organic | art

I don't live by the rules. I don't wear seat belts. I ride on life's rollercoaster with my hands in the air. Hang on, kiddo - we're gonna have a blast!

Favorite Songs

Away With The Pixies - Ben Lee & Liz Phair

Favorite Artists

The Beatles | Blur | Mogwai | Ash | Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Oasis | Madonna | Radiohead | Nirvana | Green Day | Kings of Leon | Weezer | Liz Phair | Blondie | Of Montreal | Pizzicato Five | Au Revoir Simone | Camera Obscura | Gorillaz | The Good, The Bad & The Queen | The Killers | Kaiser Chiefs | David Bowie | Velvet Underground | Sonic Youth | The Shins | Belle & Sebastian

Favorite Albums

The White Album - The Beatles | Fever To Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | What's The Story (Morning Glory) - Oasis | Blur - Blur | OK Computer - Radiohead

Recent Concerts

Of Montreal - March '09 | Motley Crue - October '08 | Kanye West - October '08 | Ash - October '08 | Avril Lavigne - August '08 | Nouvelle Vague - May '07 | Mogwai - August '06 | Oasis - February '06 | The Bravery - August '05 | Blondie - July '05


Currently there are no blogs published.


The Summer of '09


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Hi! Just letting you know I sent your July mix on Monday (7/26). No idea how long it takes to get there from CA, but enjoy!


Hi, I sent the April mix your way a week or so ago, just wanted to make sure you get it. Cheers, Finn


Hi! Your March mixtape is going into the mail tomorrow! Sorry it's kind of late but I hope you like it! :)


Made your Feb. mix really early actually, but unfortunately i didn't get it in the mail til yesterday. :( Sorry.


Hey there...your January mix will be shipped out today (1/18).


Hi! - I had every intention of geting your play list out early, but somehow, life got in the way. So Sorry. In any event, it is in the mail today (11/24). Hope you enjoy it.


Hiya. I'm really sorry, but your September mix hasn't even made it into the mail box yet. Will be posting it tomorrow.


Hi Xiao - your July mix should be in the post tomorrow .......


I've got you this month (and I'm sending it tomorrow, so however long it takes mail to get from Canada to Singapore is how soon you'll get it, sorry!), and I only managed to hit Mogwai off of your favourites list, but hopefully you'll enjoy it in any case. It's going to be the male equivalent of last month's mix:


Hey Xiao! Your March Mix went out in today's (4/6/09) mail. Sorry for the delay. Hope you'll like it!


Thanks for the mix! It arrived yesterday and I just finished listening to it-- it's a good one:)

David M

Wonderful mix! Familiar with a few track and will be checking out a few artists in more detail in particular Dangerous Muse which I'm sure I've heard before but don't know where. Great balance and not too long but I'll give Cake a miss if it's the same to you! Cheers again.