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You can see my inventory at

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Doesn't the mp3 player sort of render the Desert Island Discs conceit obsolete? I do still play that game in my head sometimes, but my lists always change.

Recent Concerts

I saw Erin McKeown at Iota last month. The month before that it was Gogol Bordello at the 930. I saw Ryan Mixtape there.


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Soundtrack 87-07

Based on Ryan's suggestion. Some songs are literal, some metaphorical, and others inspirational.


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"sunny disposition" arrived in (sunny for a change) England this morning, many thanks


Hey Scott- I'm really really sorry about my incredibly delayed mix. I'm new to IMP and I've really been on top of every mix up until this one. I know, I know. I've really been working on several mixes for the past few weeks but I've since scrapped all of them... I'm presently finishing one that I think will work. I should have it in the mail on Monday. I hope that you can forgive me and enjoy this belated mix. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the mix once you receive it. Sincerely, Bray


Hey. The February mixtape is awesome. Thanks for the new jams.


The mix for Feb. is in the mail.


Hey, I got it and it's ace. Cheers.


I said "yes" to January's mixtape, but it's all a haze and I don't honestly remember if I got one or not. Hey, I'm sure you wouldn't have forgotten me?


it's okay, I got it yesterday and I loved it :) Thank you


I received my August mix...good stuff! Thanks!


Sorry for not replying sooner - I did receive your mixes, I have been listening to them a lot, thanks! I especially like the "places" one... lots of interesting folky stuff on there. I've been listening to a fair bit of folk recently.


I did send a May mixtape - I'll put another one in the post. Cheers, Adrian.


i like your hair!


Don't use your psychic powers on me! -Devil Man "Your powers are weak old man!... When I left you I was but the I am the Master!" -Darth Vader

Ryan Mixtape

Whoa! Your pink doo is very festive for St. Valium's Day. Happy Valentine's to you and Sharon, by the way. Also, I think your musical taste (all over the place in a good way) might match well with Mr. Cal, who's also a member of the Andrew Bird Brigade: This weekend, I'll be working on my first new mix in close to a year, so you'll surely receive a copy in the mail soon!