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March 07 mix Explaination.

2007-05-09 21:06:24

My music

2007-03-02 02:29:07


My first 20..or so years..and a little of now.

I'm gonna post a blog that will explain this so if you want to you can read it and make sense of some of these kinda dumb songs.


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Hi kristopher Wow musically we have some stuff in common Elo.I love them.They have a CD called no answer.If you want to do a side trade Ill make you a special mix and throw a little ELO on it!Drop me a line with your home address so I can mail it to you!Trish


Thanks for my June mix. Yeah it's a late comment but, I suck. See I only just started reading my comments. Yep. I loved "Hey Boy" enough to put it on someone else's mix tape!


Not had my July mix turn up. Looks like it's been lost in the post


Kristopher! That is my brother's name (spelling and all). Good name. I got your email and replied. And just now got your comment. I'm a deadbeat when it comes to the internet lately. Thanks for the props. If you can handle the Cocteau Twins, then I can handle you. That last sentence is so ridiculous that I'm going to leave it. Ha. Take it easy :).


if you're kris from nm, your march mixx arrived today in the mail. thanx. also, the blog about the trax is a nice touch.


Just wanted to make sure you received the march mix - i sent it off a couple of weeks ago. thanks, andy


You , Donna and Ryan are all lookin' a little gloomy. We may need to have an intervention.