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I'm the dog that ate your birthday cake.

About Me

I put my headphones on, and the world comes alive. Music is truly a spirited repreive from the doldrums seeping into the carpet of the everyday. I love nothing more than to share the music that inspires me with people who are inspiring and give me a fresh, alternate view of the world. xx Andy

Favorite Songs

"Graveyard Girl," "Echoes of Mine"; M83 -- "Spiralling"; Antony & The Johnsons -- "Ceremony"; New Order -- "Energy," "Beat and the Pulse"; Austra -- "Idioteque"; Radiohead -- "Don't Move"; Phantogram -- "K+D+B," "Close Your Eyes"; Chemical Brothers -- "Idiot"; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -- "Not In Love (Feat. Robert Smith); Crystal Castles -- "What You Were"; The Drums -- end.

Favorite Artists

Lately it's been a whole lot of ATLAS SOUND / AUSTRA / HANDSOME FURS / DUM DUM GIRLS / JOY DIVISION / PHANTOGRAM | MATTHEW DEAR / BOOM BIP / BJORK / NEW ORDER / BEIRUT / and whatever else makes me sway and stomp and romp

Favorite Albums

This year it was all about M83's "HURRY UP WE'RE DREAMING," Austra's "FEEL IT BREAK" and Handsome Fur's "SOUND KAPITAL" --- Kinda digging Bjork's BIOPHILIA too (nice come back after the disappointing VOLTA) Looking forward to the new SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS and SLEIGH BELLS

Recent Concerts

O.K. - Not so recent - But concerts, nontheless -- 10/03 - Air,Pearl St. Night Club, North Hampton, MA 08/04 - Wilco, Portland, ME. 09/04 to 10/05: Nothing worth mentioning. Crappy shows... 10/05 - Feist w. Broken Social Scene 08/06 - Siren Festival (w. Stars, Art Brut, Celebration, Tapes 'N Tapes, Scissor Sisters ...) Coney Island, NY 09/06 - Yo La Tengo - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT 02/07 - Grizzly Bear - MFA, Boston, MA 04/07 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI 06/07 - Feist w. Grizzly Bear, N.Hampton, MA 07/07 - Cat Power, Pearl St. NightClub, N.Hampton, MA 07/21 - Lavender Diamond / Twilight Sad / Matt & Kim / Noisettes / Voxtrot / Black Lips / ... Siren Festival, Coney Island. 1/18/08 - Blond Redhead, Toad's Place, New Haven, CT 2010 - School of Seven Bells 2011 - Cocorosie, Deerhunter


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A little something for everyone.



Music has enough power to keep us rooted in the present. Remember that.


In many ways, music is an escape. It provides guidance to the answers we never thought of. It provides a series of escape routes to detour our darkest avenues; our deepest moments of despair.


You guessed it - another photo sent out into the wonderful participants of IMP. Why? you ask. Why not? I say.


This is, in fact, a photograph I sent out into the IMP community. If you have recieved it let me know. It would be interesting to see where it's been, and Where it's going.

The Horrors of a Wasted Life

Just as easily as we came into this world, we will just as easily step out for a smoke. An eternal smoke, that is - to celebrate all that we've accomplished, or to numb the mind from the horrors of a wasted life.


The tracklist has 8 original tracks from Sam's mixtape. #2, 3,5,6,7,11,12, & 14 The Wilco tracks are the LIVE versions, instead of album versions. Enough said. <3.


Inspired by the first and last mixtape I recieved from Sam McKinniss -- Son of A Preacher Man.


Much easier, and more amusing than typing the damn things in.



We all have those moments where music can muster up the power to fit our multi-faceted insanity- laden moods.


You make me like charity, instead of paying off my taxes. Enough said.


Those black lines are electrical currents. Like when Benjamin Franklin discovered that keys weren't just for opening doors. "Give me some more of that [beat]," he declared. And so the beat was born.


Like a nice medium roast. Some highs and lows -- with a finale that will send you through the floor boards.


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Thanks very much for Music Lover's Buffet, Andy, I absolutely love it. It flows really well and there's plenty of stuff on there I'll have to investigate further. I also like the cover, which sort-of reminded me of Blonder Tongue Audio Baton by Swirlies. Keep up the good work.


Definite confusion. I got the mix and am enjoying it. I'll let Ryan know. Thanks. Steve


It's coming.


Grimes and Crystal Castles!!! Killer songs Andy.


Hey Andy, Thanks for the Now Is All... mix. This is what I love about the IMP; some familiar names with songs I hadn't heard of, some bands with critical buzz about them that I hadn't checked out yet, and a grab bag of songs and artists that I haven't a scooby about. I'm psyched to dive into this. Thanks again. Steve.


That should be; "I have "it". Not; "in" . I really need to read what I type.


Actually I have in Andy, cause your my sendee this month.


Yes it would. Can you send me your mailing address to

Jane Everyman

I love Fever Ray.


If you were the Andy that sent me this months mix, thank you! Good stuff so far!


Hello. Forgive the spammy nature of this, but I've got to spread the word. I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: I started a topic thread that I hope will be a pretty good start to the year and a nice discussion. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


Hi Andy, glad you liked the concept of my mix - now to get creative for August and September! Love your ideas and what you put into the mixes.


Holy toledo, I totally neglected to send you your May mix. I'll get it out to you today. Sorry about that!


Hey thanks for the mix! I liiiiike it.


Thanks so much for the tip! I had heard of him, but I just needed a push to really get into his music and it's all I've been listening to today. =) I was trying to formulate a recommendation based on your tastes, and the best I could come up with is Alaska in Winter, if you haven't heard of them already. They've become my most recent obsession, and Zach Condon is in the majority of their songs. Also, I recommend Lykke Li randomly just because I think she's fantastic & I just wanted to spread the love around. Thanks again! Hope all is well! =]




Yes! Raymond Carver. I'm already plotting my next tattoo, which will be Vonnegut...


Andrew: Would you be interested in a side trade?


Monsieur Pirie- I have your side mix but KEEP FORGETTING to take it to the post office. but i shan't forget again.


Ahhh, The marvelous melodies of march! thank you!


I do... thank you much


mailed March's mix on monday


stopping you in your tracks on a more regular basis...


Remember...there's ALWAYS room for Jell-o.


Rahzel is, indeed, the current unofficial "Mr. Beatbox" title holder. He was in The Roots, then went solo. Glad you like the mix!


Why yes, I'd love a New Order Mix. Thankyouverymuch!


don't think i could pick a favorite interpol album...hard question mr. andy


Thank you for your well-considered February Mix Tape (tm). It is one of my favourites. I also received the photo ''in question'' (ahem) and will be forwarding it with FUTURE IMxP COMPILATIONS (tm). Cheers to you and your continued existence.


Got a thing for anxious Spacemen, do ya?


whoa how cool is that? both the whole train-of-thought memory thing and the fact that you still listen to Tokyo Police Club now! haha crazy how this whole project thing connects people etc...weird...


I'm sorry it took this long to reply. All I can is that your mixtape is hands-down, one of the best I've ever received since I've joined IMP. Stellar work. Thank you for that. As for all of the "extras"? Pure gravy. Certainly crazier gravy than I'm used to, but still excellent. Thank you once again.


Hey- Thanks for the nice compliment!


I really glad you like it! Im looking forward to the seccond instalment


I know, Im really sorry its this late, its usually not i swear! Iv been paying a lot of attention to exams and stuff (even though thats not an excuse since mailing something takes under 10 minutes) I'll send it all tomorrow...I made a seccond cd aswell to make up for my horrible puncuality


I did think Interpol were amazing. Some people i know who had seen them just a little while before in a different city said they were less energetic-like. but by no means were they just phoning it in. Houston is often near the end of a tour so there's always rumor that we didn't see whatever band in top form.


Wow this mix is so amazing! Im sorry I havnt sent mine yet, Im going to wait (again) to make sure it matches your mix's awesomeness


hey andy! got your mixtape and Its great! I got so excited when It came in the mail that I hopped-skipped-jumped back to the apartment! after listening to it my roomate immediately asked to rip it for herself, and cooed about how cool the mix was and even the envelope you sent it in! definitely not gonna throw it at my enemies :) thanks


yeah I did, but I havnt sent/recived your mix yet...I wanted to buy a few cds before I made yours so I could cram it with Canadian awesomeness, sorry its taken so long...but it will be worth the wait!


hey, I added you to msn so we can cordinate the mix tape exchange, just wanted to let you know so you didint think im a creeper...


Im from Onatrio, im near london and toronto so its great, my email is Where are you from? If you'd like I can put lots of Canadian music on the mix to broaden your canadian music threshold!


Thanks for the Jesus & Mary Chain recommendation, strange because I just downloaded a single on a whim. That was downloaded along with several Chemical Bros tracks from Dig Your Own Hole...which I notice is also a fav of yours.. Synchronicity strikes again...and I don't mean the Police touring again.


Yah man you can't go wrong with arts & crafts, I live in canada so I'm in the loop with all of those tunes, where are you from? I just had a wild idea... getting mixtapes once a month inst enough if you ask me, I'll send you one if you send me one!! Get back to me! Bradley


If you are interested in a trade let me know. Email me at


You can't go wrong with any song from Disintegration and thanks, the cat just turned 15.


yeah...sorry it took me forever and a day to send it out. summer is my only excuse. enjoy the mix


Andy! I received your mix a few days ago! It's great -- it really helps me concentrate when i write :) Your mix will go out soon, I promise! It will be a little different from the original listing though.


Andy, thanks for the mix, its great! Things have a way of working out.... its good to hear that from time to time, sometimes i forget. I'm wondering why you put The Chills on here? such a sad song... The Knife and Explosions in the sky are amazing! thanks again!


Andy-Loving "The Birth Of The Beat"-we'll have to do this again-


and i must say your taste "n'est pas mauvaise non plus" we should do a side-trade sometime.


hi andy...merci pour ton commentaire. it is very kind. charlotte gainsbourg's album is in fact very "Air" like and much like Keren Ann or Pier Faccini or other whispery's nice. but i'm not crazy about it. i like her acting much better.


Animal Collective was amazing and i am, unfortunately, going to have to miss the dinosaur jr. show, but i really can't wait to see Moz and Rufus! I hope your concert season is amazing as well.


Hey Andy, I would not compare Coco Rosie to any two bands. I enjoy them live much more than listening to their disc. Check them out if you get the chance, you will walk away wondering what you just experienced. There are obvious influences of hip hop and opera in their music. Cheers! corina*


They (Lavender Diamond) are a folky-indie pop group out of LA. The lead singer has an absolutely beautiful voice perfectly suited to their musical style. Not the deepest or most thought provoking lyrics, but some damn solid arrangements keep me coming back. Hesitant to call them "popcorn/fluff" music as there is more to them that that...


I hope I'm not being too presumptious-but I REALLY like the looks of your "BIRTH OF THE BEAT-April 2007" mix. Is there anything I could swap with you for a copy of it? Lemme know...

David M

Andy, got the mix thanks, will let you know what I think in a couple of weeks - you don't wanna rush these things.


Hi Andy, Tomorrow Never Knows is a seminal track that was way way ahead of its time when released(I'm old enough to have heard it back then). The Beatles were one of the prime cultural movers who changed how young people in the West saw themselves and opened our eyes, ears, and minds to so much more than would have been the case had they not existed at all. The best part is that subsequent generations have picked up the flame and continued to develop interesting and exciting music ever since.


Ill def check out Figurine...I dig Erlend's voice...The Kings ar great, but I like the eletronic, danceable stuff hes done too. Just trying to keep the cover art as simple as possible...thanks.


My current favourite Smiths song is Please, please, please let me get what I want. It was the first - Pretty in Pink soundtrack, so will probably always send a shiver down my spine. There is a light that never goes out does seem to sum them up, though.


P.S. I think I have that same shirt in your picture, Gap!


I was missing out on so many great comments and now have finally seen them. Thanks so much for your suggestions and compliments. I will most definitely check out M. Ward and report back accordingly. And lets hope dogs rule the world, it should be more like All Dogs Go To Heaven.


Hey, Andy. The painting is "Rebus" by Robert Rauschenberg, installed at MoMA. I see that you saw Yo La Tengo at Toad's Place in New Haven this Feb.-- what was Toad's Place like? I was in New Haven a bit this Feb. actually, but I didn't get a chance to stop by...


Thanks glad you liked. Its so funny that you mentioned the stamps, because thats actually a picure i took of my great- grandmother right before she died (this was a few years back) and recently my uncle had it made into stamps for me...anyway i just thought it was interesting you mentioned those...


hey, andy, thanks for visiting my profile. glad you liked the icon, hopper is truly superb and superbly true. love your taste too, your fav artists lists gave me good tips, will look into them. take great care out there! cato


Love your taste too! The trailer for The Life Aquatic made me fall in love with Ceremony by New Order.


thanks for the dog love. He's my boy - Mambo. 7 in June and a true best friend. all the best, Andy


One time I was livin' inna house with some guys, and we had a dog named Kino. She ate a whole pan of pot brownies while we were outside waiting for them to cool. She laid down for 3 days with her eyes rolling around and around. She's still alive and well, but never been the same since.


Andy! Sorry I've slacked on replying, I'm slightly retarded w/ the IMP website, I joined a month ago and haven't really hopped around much. I did get the mix, it's fantastic, I'll send you proper feedback in a day or two (to your hotmail account). kudos my friend.


Hey-ey, I'm a radio DJ and I play 'Teen Angst', 'Lord Leopard' and most importantly 'The Christmas Song' far too often. Magnifique.


Thanks! Hot Chip are great, and if you get the chance to see them live, you should definitely take it; they're possibly even better in that setting.


You have a date stamp! I've been wanting one of those...