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About Me

since I first heard "Heartbreak Hotel" way back in the mists of time I've been seeking out music to feed my soul Although I've always had "thedayjob" to pay the bills, I spend the rest of my time listening to and playing with music and I'm a visual artist working in all the media there is. I paint, make digital stills and movies, create installations - check out www.mypace.com/martinart www.westnorfolkartists.org

Favorite Songs

Rollin' & Tumblin by Muddy Waters to Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles from Alright Now by Free to Who Knows Where the Time Goes by Fairport Convention from The Times They a Changin by Dylan to Voodoo Chile by Hendrix from With or Without You by U2 to No Surprises by Radiohead from Blue Room by the Orb to The Eraser by Thom Yorke

Favorite Artists

as mentioned in favourite songs plus; Yunioshi Slow Burn Thom Yorke/Radiohead Teddy Thompson Richard Thompson Paul Weller Stone Roses/Ian Brown Leftfield Massive Attack Underworld Fluke Fila Brazilia anything different

Favorite Albums

OK Computer - Radiohead Leftism - Letfield Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd UFO - The Orb Crosby Stills & Nash Blue - Joni Mitchell The Joshua Tree - U2

Recent Concerts

Radiohead - Manchester The Zombies(!) - Kings Lynn Detune(electronica) - Kings Lynn Arts Centre Slow Burn(my son's band) - Norwich Arts Centre Bar Oasis - Nottingham Radiohead - Nottingham



2011-01-18 07:30:55

April 07

2007-04-09 12:25:08

my first assignment hmmm

2007-03-03 12:24:07

mixing it

2007-02-28 10:26:17

Hello IMPpeople

2007-02-24 05:44:22


The Seldom Seen Band

Elbow hail from Manchester UK and this year released their 4th album to much critical acclaim. They won the Mercury Music Award for Best Album 2008 this month

sum poplier musicks & aftershox

I nearly became unhinged trying to complete this mix (don't worry for me, that's quite normal!) - it could have gone anywhere from the starting point of Track 1 and somehow it lurched from there to some Rolling Stones tracks. I decided to stop and burn it at that point, when I came across the sample of Martin Scorsese discussing an effect he wanted of burning Mick Jagger, so here it is. BEWARE Track 8 contains some Anglo-Saxon words that your Mother wouldn't want you to hear... and you may not understand any of the references in the Bill Bailey monologue!

summer burnout

I really need a holiday, so this mix accompanies that feeling of some long awaited rest from "thedayjob"


This mix is part of a project to create an “artists book”, ie an artwork in the form of a book. The music is a series of scenes and abstract ideas that have inspired me to make artworks which will go in the final piece. Look upon it as an abstract self portrait of the fragmented mind of the artist

i was looking back at you to see if you were......

This mix is a kind of autobiographical peep into the tangled web that is my life right now. The Ghears will not be very familiar to anyone from outside the UK but they have quite a cult following in the UK and my son's pal Matt Middleton recently prepared their new album for free download - check them out on Myspace...

This England

A diverse selection from artists from this green and largely pleasant land

above ground shuffle mix

Good Times/Bad Times

This is the second shuffle mix by the mythical DJ on a loose theme of life, love, money, English eccentricities and all that confusion that surrounds us all....

Mythical DJ

This mix finally came together after I found a clip from an interview with Thom Yorke talking about the effect of people shuffling music in their ipods. I don't own one myself but this is the sort thing that would happen if I did and I pressed "shuffle"

Audio Nutrition

A dance music mix , and why not?

Play My Guitar Anyhow

Some non-political correctness in some of the lyrics, excellent riffs. It's only Rock n Roll, but I like it

Because the World is Blue

More tracks played on my birthday for friends and family

Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

It was my birthday this month and these tracks represent some of the music I played in celebration along with the accompanying mix

The Restless Mix

A late Summer mood of restlessness is upon me. Some things done but many more still to do and so little time


Late Summer - tunes float in and out of my brain from the past and only yesterday so I make a list - change it - make a CD - then try again 3 more times until it seems to have a kind of logic


I've always held an interest in the "human condition" and like everyone have often wondered what life really is about. Where did we come from? Is this all there is? Despite what all the theologians and philosphers tell us I guess we won't know the answers to these questions during our human lifetimes. Its fun and exciting to speculate though.


The starting point for this mix was finding some DJ mashup mixes on the 'net - then I stirred in some new favourites and some old 'uns. So this is the music currently on my listening radar this month

the Orb revisited

Alex Patterson and his collaborators were the prime movers in the ambient scene back in the early 90's. The tracks on this mix are from the early part of their career, some of these mixes have never been officially released.


this mix was inspired by a Leftfield gig I went to at Nottingham Rock City with my son and daughter the music was wonderful, the place was packed. a great atmosphere and the whole place resonated it was rather like being submersed within a sea of sound

(wish) i was there

deeper, darker mix

Below is my astrological prediction the day I sat down to complete this mix. I had struggled to make it satisfying in any way, but after reading this I saw the light, a deep dark light, but...... Although you have a realistic view about what's happening, you are likely to take it to a deeper and darker place than is necessary. Your imagination can run wild now and without conscious resistance you could spend too much time lost in fantasies. Don't let your worries turn into obsessions. If you are overwhelmed with strange ideas, pull yourself back into the real world through physical activity or direct engagement with others. Monday, May 7, 2007

my music life vol2

This mix is made up of the music I'm currently listening to, and most of the tracks are only relatively recent

my musiclife vol 01

Vol1 is the first of a series & some of the first music I took very seriously as a young man. I decided to include just some of the tracks that really got to me between 1960 - 1970-ish, I could have included many more. This series could turn into a lifetime project! I also intend to complete another CD this month featuring tracks from the last few years, and then go on to make some to fit in between!


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belated thanks for the may mix!


Mix on its merry little way!


Hi Martin Its me Trish I miss your friendship and mixtrades.Id like to reconnect with you and rsume our awesome communication. my new email is trishmull77@comcast.net Im no longer with hotmail or myspace my new website is www.djtrishm.blogspot.com I look forward to reconnecting with you! Peace,love and music! Trish


Thank you for the Mix. Enjoyed it!


Hello...I was assigned a "Martin" for this months mix so decided to have a look through the likely suspects- I noticed you'd been to several gigs in King's Lynn where I'm from! I was quite suprised :D


hi martin, i just wanted to thank you for the cd. its a really well thought out mix. there's some gems on it too, i quite liked the boards of canada and the pink floyd in particular. cheers man.


Glad you like the Beatles covers. My own copy is still in heavy rotation.


Your mixtape goes in the mail today. I put it together several weeks ago before I knew who would receive it, but I think you'll like it - a 2 CD set of Beatles covers by everyone from Celia Cruz to Brad Mehldau. I tried to avoid the obvious. Joe Lex


ok, it's in the mail now. i sent two to make up for tardiness.


so sorry about not getting you r mix to you yet. i started one and didn't like it and then i let the weeks get away from me. i swear you'll have it soon.


Hey Martin, no worries on the tardiness. I finally got around to listening to your October mix recently, and I really dig it. A lot of stuff I wasn't familiar with, but I expected good things after seeing Wilco and Four Tet on there. First three tracks are absolutely fantastic. I love the last song too--I was never terribly impressed with Iron & Wine before, but now I might have to start digging into his stuff more. Cheers!


ha...you were the IMP featured front page mix...but you know i love your mixes already!

Thomas J

September mix should be on the way. Darn international waters...


Mix is in the mail!


Hey, I'm putting my mix in the mail either today or tomorrow. I didn't include my profile link info, so I thought I'd drop a comment instead. Hope you enjoy it!


Wow, sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I just wanted to extend appreciation for your August mix! I'm really enjoying it, so thank you so much! =) Hope all is well with you!


Apologies for the tardiness of your August mix (I was out of town/out of the country most of the month.... didn't leave a lot of time for mixtaping!). It's going in the mail today....


Hey Martin! Your mix came today... my first mail ever from the UK and my first mix tape. :) Can't wait to listen to it!


Hi! Your mix came today, thanks a lot! I'll give you more feedback when I can listen through a few times. Yes, lots of Radiohead is a good thing.


I loved the mixes! Very eclectic, including some of my favorites and alot of new artists for me. Thanks for both cds! :)


I received both mixes the other day, I enjoy tremendously! Thank you!


hi martin! i just mailed your mix. sorry it took so long, but i must have added, deleted, and rearranged the songs about a million times before I was satisfied (I'm not sure that I am even now) i hope you like (at least one) of the songs :]


its alright, i have quite a varied taste in music, despite what my profile might show... and im pretty open to new music so perhaps your mix will actually be the best mix i ever get! i'll be looking forward to it!


Dude, you included "When We Were Young" by Whipping Boy, from one of my favourite forgotten albums of the period. I friggin' love that song! The rest of the mix looks good, too; some songs I already love (Verve, Spiritualized, the Snow Patrol and Streets ones are goodies too) and a bunch I'm curious to hear. Especially what Weatherall does to that Orb track. I'm really looking forward to this.


I'm connected (especially) to 'Tommorrow Never Knows,' oddly because it seems so far ahead of its time. Either that, or it reminds me a bit of what the Chemical Brothers are influenced by -- that signature beat.


Thanks for writing. I hope you enjoy at least some of Rose. I'm a little biased because she was born in my hometown and because I've met her briefly and found her quite witty. Can't wait to get a mix from you sometime! :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Your tracklists are simply defining, so stunning.


I am excited to receive your first GREAT mixtape... the choices you've made look like something I'll really enjoy!


Yeah, I don't know anything about Cubase except that it looks really complicated. Mixmeister has grown on me as I've used it a little more. I guess it would be considered a basic tool compared to a lot of the technologies out there, but I'm only trying to do basic things. It's not like I'm remixing in the truest sense, just trying to play one song after another and maybe make the transition effective or interesting. Sometimes the b.p.m. ties in nicely and you can do a cool beat mix, but for me it's mostly just about adjusting the fade out/fade in to move between tracks without gaps. Well, except for when a gap is just what you need. Sometimes that bit of silence is the perfect mix. The only annoying thing about Mixmeister (so far) is that the playback in Winamp gives a click sound at the beginning of each new track. Plays seamlessly in iTunes though, so don't really know what that's about. Anyway, let me know if Slow Burn come to Vancouver!


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