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About Me

1 apparently, i live life from one random mini obsession to the next // 2 splurging without remorse on good food is a pretty regular occurrance // 3 for no sane reason, i don't eat bananas in the summer // 4 there is nothing quite like a good wine bar... except for maybe a perfectly ripe pineapple // 5 imp has made waiting for the mail exciting again!

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musical A.D.D. and always looking for something new. favorites don't stay favorites for long but always stand the chance of resurfacing.

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ambient noise

no lyrics, just a little something for the background...


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well, this is embarrassing... i'm mailing your february tomorrow! double the shame that I was your assignment last month :)


Well I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's good to know that my affinity for being a complete dork has it's entertaining attributes.


A late mix? How DARE you! I would NEVER...aww, hell, I'm a little behind all the time. No problem, take your time. Just so long as the brand new tracks on it haven't become vintage, I s'pose...


hey there, instrumental would be great, i'm always up for anything new so totally up to you!


Sorry for the tardiness your mix is coming soon