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About Me

I'm a 24 year old woman writer recently returned home to Los Angeles after living in Seattle for 5 years. I don't floss everyday and am currently awaiting the onslaught of tooth loss.

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Morrissey, Death Cab for Cutie, The Long Winters, Band of Horses, Harvey Danger, Rilo Kiley,The Shins, The Kills, The Lashes, The Decemberists, Clem Snide, Modest Mouse, Camera Obscura.

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Rusted in Deep Sleep


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Jeni, I got the Mix! I haven't listened to it yet (i'm trying to borrow a friends' tape deck) But I REALLLY appreciate the effort! I'll shoot you my post-listening thoughts...


Jeni- Thanks for the fantastic mix. I've been rocking it in my bathroom (the only place that has a working tape player!) since i got it! And that version of "Ultimatum" is amazing! Hope all is well! -Kate


thanks for the message- i'm looking forward to it-be warned i will be marking you out of 10 on achievement AND effort ;-)