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"consider outer space."

About Me

i like:

strawberry frosted donuts, my cat, whipped cream, flowers (with the exception of roses, which are okay), exploding dog, dr pepper, brown, photos, chips & salsa, scrabble, sweaters, thunderstorms, vintage purses, skirts/dresses, alias, handwriting, hot chocolate, memorable quotes, watches, audrey hepburn and cary grant movies, vases, lite bright, driving, shoes that you don't have to tie, ice cream, paper projects, the valets at japonais, big earrings, apple, making sure my water pitcher is always full, the sure thing, the smell of clean laundry, reading, snow, mark bazer editorials, movie quotes, fingerprints, dancing, exposé, showers, funnel cakes, the expressions people have as they watch movies, ms. holly's homemade bags/purses, cta, lamps, singing in the car, pink, bike messengers, tweed, big sunglasses, movie theatre popcorn, finding patterns, googling everything, polka dots, say anything..., sharp scissors, counting, wood floors, rainboots, candy necklaces (though not so much when you put them on forgetting the fact that you're wearing perfume), knitting, bad puns, shiny things, strawberry lemonade, the letter z, air conditioning, the song 'these days,' homemade jewelry, electricity, sending/receiving cards, jeans that fit, family guy, sequins (which goes along with shiny things), scars, mad gab, away messages, pens (not pencils), rambaldi, anti-tanning, making snow angels, TMNT, lip gloss, visualizing puzzles in my head, jones soda, freaks and geeks, kitchen dancing (in addition to regular dancing), autumn, smoothies, taking computers apart, the chicago white sox/scott podsednik, chocolate, magnets, mix cds/playlists, beads, getting my hair cut, dinosaurs, pretty postage stamps, big chairs, the midwest, grocery shopping, pretend, firewire, polaroids, locks, the word 'sassy,' mla citation, lint rollers, circles/figure 8s, big hats, popsicles, doorknobs, remixes (good ones, at least), shirley temples, wrapping presents, high fives, postcards, spinning while wearing a skirt, climbing trees, mannerisms that are specific to only one person you know, numbers, theme songs, bubblewrap, multi-tasking, and rr 1 on chicago and ashland.

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Sept. 08 mix going in the mail tomorrow (10/13/08). Awesome, thank for your patience.


Katie: No need for alarm, but I have dirtbaggishly neglected and forgotten to send your mix for the month of July. Where do these busy summer days (daze) go? As a form of apology I am sending along TWO mixes to you today... Please forgive my tardiness. Let me know what you think of the tunes.


Argh, sorry to pollute your page. I see my last comment was cut off due to length, glad I DID copy it. Here is the rest: "Well, those are all I can think of at the moment. I hope this time the message goes through because I sure don't want to type that all out a third time! I think ctrl+c is my friend here."


Okay, I've heard the Bill Wither's song, the Blackstreet song (I did not make the sample connection until your mix), The Warren G song (I remember in school, half the kids would non-stop quote the beginning spoken-word to that song), the Hall and Oates song (I never would have guessed, but it fits so good in my music collection, thanks)... and I know for sure I've heard "Rapper's Delight" but am not sure if I have heard the Chic song or if I am just thinking of "Rapper's Delight." Very fun mix, thank you for it. I like to hunt down the source of samples in the songs I like. Here are some of my faves: Faithless' "I Want More" (pts I and II) samples Nina Simone's "Tell Me More And More And Then Some." Portishead's "Only You" samples Pharcydes' "She Said." Tricky uses dialog from the movie Blade Runner in his song "Aftermath" but don't know if that counts... Hooverphonic's "2Wicky" samples Isaac Hayes "Walk On By." Well, those a


I wrote you a comment but after I sent it it wanted me to sign in, after I signed in I think it erased the comment. Dammit, I actually wrote a lot of music-y things. I'll re-write it when I get a minute, just letting you know I didn't ignore your comment/question.


Hiya Kate, I myself think America's Funniest Home Videos reached its peak around, say, 1991. But anyway, the mix is great. First of all, neat packaging, I would ask you what program you used for the print job but that would be stealing your secrets. Second, I love the concept and the songs. I have to say, I've only heard like... three of the songs previously, so that is a pretty high new music percentage. take care, Tony


Hi Katie I am behind in getting your April mix out to ya. I'm sry but finals have been killing me. It will be there soon I promise.


Thanks for the November mix. I always appreciate a good collection of covers (I just made one for a co-worker). Even better when it features Beatles' covers-- especially ones that I didn't already have! Aloha!


Hi Katie Schaaf! Sending your August mixer today. Carrots in, Peas out...


Hey Katie- I'm just now sending your mix for June. But it is coming, i promise. Many apologies. Hang in there....-Jeni


Hey Kate,sorry to bother you~I got the wrong Kate,no I shouldn't have had a mix from you.Hope you are happy + well Jon*


Hello Katie,did you send me a late mixtape from March? Hope you are happy + well. Jon*


Anybody who can list that many earnest "Likes" must be a good person. :)


What about inner dimensions? Deep space? or the micro-verse?


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