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About Me

Graphic designer in San Francisco. TV Hero was Magnum PI, Comic Hero is Daredevil, cocktail is the Mojito (but with dark rum please). Michael Caine movies, This American Life, pork chops with spaetzle, Oakland A's, cribbage, Magritte...all good things.

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--- ALLTIME: The Kinks --- RECENTLY: White Stripes, Kings of Leon, The Decembrists, Scissor Sisters, Supergrass, Spank Rock --- HILL ST BLUES ERA: Sleater-Kinney, Cake, Beck, Sublime, Offspring, Shaggy, Lauryn Hill, The Chemical Bros, Fatboy Slim, --- MAGNUM PI: The Cars, The Clash, Talking Heads, Dire Straights, Minutemen, Social Distortion, Scorpions Einstürzende Neubauten, Prince, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, --- CHIPS: Sly & the Fam Stone, T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem, Queen, Them/ Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, James Brown --- HAWAII 5-0: Velvet Underground, The Who, Joe Tex, Booker T & the MGs, Sam and Dave --- PERRY MASON: Bo Diddly, Chuck Berry

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Whisky A Go-Go

A slip-shod history from the marquee of The Whisky

7 Deadly Sins

Bonus Tracks! (Drink + Drugs)

Green Turtles

Persistent little waddlers.

Mud Puddle

Rolling through the muddy fringes of several decades.


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Hi Kevin! Just got your mix yesterday and am looking forward to listening to it. There is a lot of new music on it for me which is very cool. Thanks so much. I will write more after I give it a spin or three.....


hiya! mixed recieved yestarday! will give it a listen later :-)


hiya! mix hasnt yet been recieved! but there is a postal strike on over here! so probably waiting some where!


Hi Kevin, just letting you know that your IMP mix for May is on its way to you as I posted it yesterday. Happy listening! Natalie


Yikes, I'm late! I didn't think I had an assignment yet, then I received a mix. Sorry, I'm new here - I'll get you that CD in no time.


Hi, got your mix and we're listening to it at work right now. Thanks!


What a wonderful evening I,ve spent in the Whiskey-a go-go of your mix Kevin. Thanks so much for sending it and for making a cover. There's plenty stuff I don't know. The Lee Michaels track really hits the spot. Thanks again. Stay lost in music. Jon*


A belated thanks for your mix! Like almost everything on it. Gotta love the Murphys! Imagine that, an Irish band singing about drinking.....what are the odds?


Thanks for the mix kevin, recieved it this morning. i was in san francisco this summer, such a nice place.


thanks for the mix! i just got it :)


Thanks for my two CDs! The Seven Deadly Sins CD has been a real favorite of mine. Awesome. Totally Awesome. So nice to have someone send you a CD on time . . . To actually have it show up . . . And have it be good . . . And there were two! Thanks.


hooray! glad i can assist in the road of discovery!


Kevin: Your package arrived today. The mixes look great. I think things got a little mixed up though. The Loco Winter Luau disc has the Green Turtles songs on it as well. Shame that, I was looking forward to hearing Rock Lobster again. Anyways, you should be getting my package soon as well. Thanks.


Would you be up for a side trade?


Enjoyed the Mud Puddle mix! Thanks.


Yes! Dig Your Own Hole is also amazing. Keep up with the great music taste...


I think you would really like the Jesus & Mary Chain. "Psycho Candy" is an amazing album.


Kevin - I just discovered (August) that people send me comments (yours was from May). Yes, I got your green turtles mixtape and enjoyed it. I particularly enjoy when its not just music from the last decade. One of these days I'm gonna drop a classic country mix out there.