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eating musical crumpets

About Me

I live in London, UK. I'm a creative and i love music. Everything from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack to Lightning Bolt. I can breakdance really badly.

Favorite Songs

Free Money - Patti Smith, Bring the Noise - Public Enemy, On the Street Where you live - Vic Damone

Favorite Artists

Bjork, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Sleater Kinney, Beck, Cat Power, Flaming Lips, Rufus Wainwright, Beastie Boys, Refused, Melt Banana, Smashing Pumpikins, Black Sabbath, Ramones, White Stripes, Ojos de Brujo, Bikini Kill / Le Tigre, Can, Blondie, Madonna, Pixies, the Gossip, Lunachicks, B52s, Buena Vista Social Club, Free Kitten, Missy Elliott, Dusty Springfield, Jeff Buckley, Missy Elliot, mAKE-UP, Leadbelly, P J Harvey, Hole, Patti Smith, the Slits, Rites of Spring, Radiohead, Themselves/Doseone, Blackalicious, Mike Patton, Lightning Bolt, the Locust, the Gossip, Yoko Ono's new record, Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Bad Brains, Black Flag etc, Bratmobile, a lot of KRS stuff, the Grey Album by Dangermouse, Air, Antony and the Johnsons.... dear god there's too many

Favorite Albums

Sleater Kinney - the Hot Rock * Beck - Odelay * Bjork - Debut or Post, can't decide... * Cat Power - Moon Pix * Sonic Youth - a mixtape a friend did from all their pre-a thousand leaves albums * Jeff Buckley - for my sweetheart...this album has got me through a lot!

Recent Concerts

Flaming Lips Nov 06, Rufus Wainwright Feb 07 + May 07, White Stripes June 07, Beastie Boys Sept 07


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June 2007

Hooray for June!

For Bryce

This is my first mix, it doesn't have a theme other than mixing up the emotions. let's cry then dance then throw a rock through a window!


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Naked if I Want to is the best Cat Power song ever -- also, your cover art is brilliant.


I'm so sorry you haven't recieved November's mix yet!!! It's going in the mail tomorrow I swear!!!! <3 Morgan


Haha no problem Sarah. I'm surprised it wasn't late... did you recieve it in August though? As far as I'm concerned, that's late. ;) I have way too many bands/songs/artists from the UK, or are "popular"/played a lot in the UK, so I tried not to include bands like Muse, Franz Ferdinand, etc. Then again, I'm sure that with the diverse music scene "up there", you probably hear/have heard most of the bands on the mix anyway! (/generalizing the UK into one place) Glad you liked it. :)


I thought about the Bolero - but honestly, it was more of a personal Rufus Tangents mix .. places being a Rufus superfan has led me, music I know because of people I've met in the process of chasing him around (I've seen him live 7 times - 9 by the end of September). Plus, ultimately a mixtape has to hang together, and these were the 18 tracks that made the cut! I am afraid the mixtape is a little overly intense if anything .. but Rufus is nothing if not intense.


Hey Sarah, Ta fer the mix; I've been looking for that Bo Diddley track fer a few years, and hitherto had ta content myself with Zevon's live version. Bo Diddley is indeed a gun-slinger. An excellent mix all round, though sadly I was born without the chromosome that allows one to tolerate the Smashing Pumpkins. I apologise fer that failure on my behalf, but I cannae back away from it. Nice cover art too. If you aren't a fan already, I suspect you'd like the Beasts of Bourbon. Cheers, D


Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took me six months to reply; it's been that kind of life. My definition of white funk/blue-eyed soul is totally arbitrary, and was mostly determined by the demands of my mix. I had to do some pretty fancy grad-school bubble blowing to make it sound like it all went together. Beck certainly fits in there, and Midnight Vultures is his funkenmeisterwerk. I have to say he's always been a bit too ironic for my taste. There's winking and then there's WINKING.


I do feel somewhat creeped out by including Glitter on a mix. But I draw some consolation from the belief that he won't benefit financially from my downloading the song (at least I'm assuming he won't as I suspect he's in prison?). He's also not very well known over here. So it's a judgement call. If I were to be too concerned about the private lives of the artists I've listened too then I wouldn't be able to listen to Jerry Lee Lewis (does he have any living ex- wives?), Chuck Berry (the weird watching people pee thing), James Brown (guns and cocaine - not a nice mix), Christ, even Cat Stevens supported the fatwah on Rushdie, didn't he? So, sometimes I have to suck it in and ignore the personal life of the performer. But, you're right. Gary Glitter ......eeeeewwwwww. Anyways, so it's a Judy thing. Are you an "all-Judy-all-the time" kind of gal? A "anything she does is good" fan?


What's your favourite song from The Wizard? And is it a song thing? Or a Wizard thing?


I miss crumpets. They have 'em over here, but somehow they just don't taste the same.


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