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Prone to Flights of Fancy

About Me

Esme puts the smoo in smooth. She is soft and squidgy, and a premium dancer. She possesses a suppleness of phrase. Es una mujer bastante inteligente, que procura no molestar a nadie, tiene un gran sentido de su independencia pero sabe apreciar una buena amistad, un buen paseo solitario, un buen libro y una buena ocasión. Esme has a low voice of sex and highways--equal parts Marilyn and Charles Kuralt. She has the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again. She has a wan, charming discontented face and an erect carriage which she accentuates by throwing her body backward at the shoulders like a young cadet. Fashion and whiskers have been her weaknesses, and she doesnât care who knows it. Esme is shining among women, full of love and information, a hoopy frood, a yam of a woman, seductively gorgeous, always has a pen and really knows where her towel is. She spends her time contemplating the Eternal Why.

Favorite Songs

"Breaking Up is Hard to Do" - Neil Sedaka, "D'Yer Mak'er" - Led Zeppelin, "Feeling Good", "Pull Shapes" - The Pipettes

Favorite Artists

Aterciopelados, The Beatles, Gogol Bordello, Iron and Wine, Elton John, Robert Johnson, Juanes, Justin Glaser and the June Rush, The Killers, Mirah, Queen, The Senate, Supertramp, Tom Waits

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

The Senate - July 7 United States of Electronica - June 2.


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Land of a Thousand Dances

This is a revised version of Get Up Offa That Thing. It is songs you can dance to.

Get Up Offa That Thing

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Hi Esme Im Trish Musicly we like many or the same music.Start wearing purple.The first time I heard that sontg it was on a new music sampler in the mid 90s. Check out my profile and if you want to do a side trade that will be cool! Musically yours Trish


Hi there! I just wanted to drop off a little note of appreciation. =) Thank you so much for your June mix! I absolutely loved it and it introduced me to a lot of artists. It's truly great & I've been listening to it nonstop since I got it. Hope all is well with you! Thanks again! -Becky


Hi Esme, The mix you sent me is great! It does seem like your CD burner is a bit funky.I can only play it up to 13 or so, but I really like what I can hear.


thanks for the skips for some reason, but hopefully I can import it - looking forward to hearing some of it....not sure about Clay Aitken...but we'll see.thanks Timxx


I'm glad to hear you smoke. A man should always have an occupation of some kind. There are far too many idle men in London as it is.


Hi Esme, I got your mix you sent but it is messed up somehow - it won't play straight in my computer and crashes it - the songs skip! Oh no! Just wanted to say thanks for the mix .. too bad it doesn't work, cuz I want to listen!!!! :(


I am very glad you like your mix. I approached it as a "day off relaxing mix" but then again I am a cat and everyday is a day off.


I have sent off your June mix and I hope you like it. I made one mistake. The songs "London In The Rain" and "I Met A Girl" are now one track; I forgot to put the track marker in between them (I was in a rush to see the vet and get my annual shots).


In Pan's Labyrinth did you like the magical aspects or the civil war bits best? It was much gorier than I expected Have you heard about the stuff in The Spanish press a backlash against the Republicans and the folk they excecuted? Have you seen a film called Dig! about the Brianjonestownmassacre? Jon*


Yes I saw the film a couple of times at the pictures.I especially liked the flat being so small that young Hedwig has to play in the oven. The soundtrack is a constant favourite.Did you enjoy Pan's Labyrinth too? take care & enjoy the magic, Jon*


You a big fan of Hedwig & The Angry Inch? Jon*




And listen like an Armenian????


Thou art truely cunning, thoughtful one! Now stop pillaging my vegetables!