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Super Duper etc. George

About Me

Suburban superhero. They can't all be in big cities, right?

Favorite Songs

Current favorite: XTC - That's Really Super, Supergirl

Favorite Artists

The Muffs

The Bags

The Prime Movers

Joe Pernice

The Lyres

Ben Kweller

Iron & Wine

Joanna Newsom

Richard James

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts


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Your mix will be mailed this week. My apologies for the delay.

Jane Everyman

Hello, I signed up in July and never received a confirmation email or any assignments. I see now that I owed you one! Who knew??!! It will be sent, my friend, it will be sent. My apologies.


Your mix went in the mail as of yesterday. I hope you enjoy it!


That photo's got that perfected muted sheen. Awesome/.


We could always use more help in this big bad city. If I'm ever in danger and need assistance, I will call you (before your bedtime of course).