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LEts, dO it

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Aesop Rock, Against Me!, Alias, Alkaline Trio, Amos Lee, Anti-Flag, Anticon, Apostle Of Hustle, Arcade Fire, At the Drive-In, Atmosphere, Bane, The Beatles, Beck, Bessie Smith, Between th Buried and Me, Big Wig, Billie Holiday, Bleeding Through, Bouncing Souls, Brian Wilson, Bright Eyes, The Bronx, Broken Social Scene, Brither Ali, Cage, Casey Meehan, Catch 22, Cecil Otter, Cee-Lo, The Chariot, The Clash, Coheed and Cambria, The Constitines, Converge, Cramps, Credence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, CSS, The Cure, Cypress Hill, Danger Mouse, Darc Mind, Daughters, David Bowie, David Grisman, De La Soul, Deep Puddle Dynamics, Desaparecidos, Digable Planets, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dj Shadow, Dj Signify, Dj Mayonnasie, Doseone, Dr. Dre, El-P, Elliot Smith, Elton John, Error, The Faint, Fear Before The MArch Of Flames, Frank Sinatra, Gang Star, The Gza/Genius, Gnarls BArkley, Gorillaz, Hella, Herbie HAncock, Hood, The Hope Conspiracy, Jay- Z, Jel, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, Junior Kimbrough, Justin Sane, Krays, Lightin' Hopkins, Living Legends, Locust, Louis Armstrong, Louis Logic, Madvillain, Maps&Atlases, Mars Volta, Martyr A.D., Masta Killa, Menomena, Method Man, Mewithoutyou, MF Doom, Miles Davis, Minor Threat, Minus the Bear, Mobb Deep, Modest Mouse, Muddy Waters, Murder By Death, Murs, N.W.A., Neutral Milk Hotel, No Age, NoFX, Norma JEan, The Notwist, Open Hand, Operation Ivy, Outkast, P.O.S., Parts & Labor, Pat Matheny, Penny Wise, Pig Destroyer, Pin Back, Poison the Well, Prefuse 73, Propagandhi, Psyopus, Qwell, Rancid, Refused, Restiform Bodies, Rjd2, The Rolling Stones, Run-D.M.C., RX BAndits, SageFrancis, Seu Jorge, The Shins, Sick Of It All, Salyer, Slug, The Smiths, Sole, Some Girls, Stars, The Strokes, Subtle, Telephone Jim Jesus, Terror, Thee More Shallows, Themselves, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Traveling Wilburys, A Tribe Called Quest, TV On the Radio, Unearth, The Vandals, The Velvet Underground, Wolf Parade, Wu- Tang Clan, Wynton Marsalis, Zao, 13 and God, 2pac

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Hey Brian, I'm you're August guy... I'm late due to life issues you probably don't care about... I'm hopeful to get your CD out this week. sorry


Hiya, I've got you for August. The email gave one address and the website gave another. Which one should I mail it to? (guessing the out west one.)


Hey, Laura: Interested in a little side tradin'? I'm feeling peckish.


Laura, You are so sweet! I'm so happy the mix worked for you. I think we like a lot of the same stuff. Let me know if you want to trade more in the future. My email should be on the cover somewhere.


Hi, you're my assignment for June. I think it's probably going to be Tuesday (July 3) before I can put it in the mail. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten...


Laura, Loved your mixed tape. It was thoughtful and it plays alot in our house. I am sorry it took me awhile to get you a message. Kim and I really enjoy it. Thank-you for thinking of us. Steve and Kim


Why it's a helmet of course. And as there is no air on the moon, I have my music piped into my helmet. So it sounds kind of Radio Shack-ish. Kind of hard to hear with the sound of my own heavy breathing.....Jeez, I wonder how far I can go with this?


Yeah...being a "fallen angel" has it's dissadvantages. Damn wings burned off during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. So yur right, I can't fly like you, but, I've got that dissapear-inna-flash-of-sulpher-and-flame thing down pat. Now you see me... BAMPFFF!


When you're trying to fly outta your apartment you should make sure you have a hatchway open, or a skylight or something like that.


Laura, just what is in your mouth here?