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if it weren't for that horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.

About Me

I'm an MPH in Indiana, feeling out non- academic related activities since I graduated and am not looking for another degree. Looking for a population to serve. Looks like right now its college kids and sex ed.

Favorite Songs

"Love Street"-The Doors; "Yankee Bayonet"-The Decemberists; "You Don't Miss Your Water"-The Byrds; "Come See Me Tonight"-Daniel Johnston; "Holland"-Sufjan Stevens; "Late Summer Sky"-The Impossible Shapes; "Matrimony" & "Love Like the Movies"- The Avett Brothers; "The Way She Dances"-N.E.R.D.; "Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)"- The Flying Burrito Brothers; "Along Comes Mary"-The Association; "Carry On-Questions"-CSNY; "Orange" &"Shakin'"-The Dandy Warhols; "Hello, It's Me"-Todd Rundgren; "Wisdom"-The Brian Jonestown Massacre; "Nobody But Me"-The Human Beinz; "Mambo Sun"-T. Rex; "Tell Her No"-The Zombies; "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"- Queens of the Stone Age "Sissy Neck"-Beck; "California Girls"-The Beach Boys; "Here I dreamt I was an Architect"-The Decemberists; "Everybody's Doing It"- Black Lips

Favorite Artists

Phish, Beastie Boys, THE DOORS, The Rolling Stones, The Dandy Warhols, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beck, Of Montreal, Eagles of Death Metal, The International Submarine Band, Ben Folds, The Avett Brothers, The Beach Boys, The Association, anything CSNY (Buffalo Springfield, The Hollies..etc.), Hall and Oates (judge away...)

Favorite Albums

Billy Breathes-Phish; Horus-The Impossible Shapes; Born Again in the U.S.A.-Loose Fur; Odelay & Guero- Beck; All Beastie Boys albums; Give It Back!-The Brian Jonestown Massacre; Abbey Road-The Beatles; Come Down-The Dandy Warhols; Safe at Home-The International Submarine Band; Sweetheart of the Rodeo-The Byrds; Love Peace Death Metal & Death by Sexy-Eagles of Death Metal; Andorra-Caribou

Recent Concerts

Spoon @ The Bluebird; Tubring & Johnny Lives! @ The Buskirk Chumley; Totally Michael @ Uncle Fester's, Palomar & Voxtrot @ The Drunken Unicorn; Cool Kids & DJ Klever @ The Drunken Unicorn; DJ Treasure Finger & Castlevania @ The Drunken Unicorn; Rock the Bells Festival@ Hyundai Pavillion; Margot & The Nuclear So & So's @ The Bluebird; Miss Fairchild & DJ Flufftronix @ Jake's; Uno Moss & Dark Meat @ Art Hospital; Drakkar Sauna & The Impossible Shapes @ Space 101; The Country Death @ The Cinemat; Yo La Tengo @ The Buskirk Chumley; Bob Dylan & Elvis Costello @ Assembly Hall ~~~~~~~~~~ (2008): Secrets Between Sailors and Ryan Helling @ Max's Place; The Avett Brothers @ The Bluebird; Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ The Vogue; Caribou @ the Waldron Arts Center


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From the Ladies

Songs...from the ladies.

Here Comes that Rainy Day Feeling Again

Songs for the season.

Feb. oh 8

enjoyable? yes.


Its january, time to make that mix.

Dem Rappin' Bois from NY

My favorite Beastie Boys tunes.


Oldies but goodies good.

IMP Sept. '07 School Starts...

Songs to get through the beginning of the school year

In the Morning & At Night (and during the day)

Songs to get you through 24 hours

IMP mix July '07

having a little fun in the summertime


things and stuff that popped into my head while taking a walk.

IMP May 2007


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My demon wife and I have a tendency to chew on each other all the time as well. The art form there is to not break skin, and yet still, get that fleshy satisfaction between the teeth.


Rec'd your mix .. From The Lady's .. works out 'cuz I don't have many female vocalists. I tend to go for Cat Power, and... Cat Power -- best concert I've been to. Besides Yo La Tengo. Best and Thanks, Andy


No problem! Let me know what you think.


Awesome Jan mix, love the Avett and always the Burritto Bro's. Thanks for the new tunes... Rich


yay. hope you're liking it. and hope all is loverly in bloomington. -abby


thanks for the great mix! And don't forget to fight for your right to party. :P


Mix is going into the post tomorrow. I apologize for the tardiness...October kicked my ass...I'll get an apology bonus mix together and in the mail in the next couple of weeks


thanks so much- glad you are enjoying the mix


PS...I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! Or so it seems...


Awwwwwwwwwwww...thanks! Your mixes look pretty stellar too if I do say so myself! Maybe one day the stars will align and your name will pop up in my assignment box...or vice versa!! Cheers!


I love my June mix! So much cool stuff on there. And Elenore! One of the best songs EVER!!! Thanks!


I love Love Street. So much so even Val Kilmer's version appealed to me.