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About Me

When it comes to slump guess whos the best Still searching for the answer? Well it's time to meet Douglas Masters. Straight out of Chocolate City by way of West Africa, Douglas Masters comes mentally equip with his self-created style Cyber Slump. Spellbinding, cinematic, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, completely original. The words and music will be etched forever in your soul. All it takes is one listen to start understanding why the game is about to completely change. Having achieved a powerful rep in the underground as a soloist as well as a member of a fearse squad known collectively as CYBER PUNK, this urban legend has been applying a strong submission hold on the independent scene for quite some time now. Douglas Masters makes music for the people by the people forged from the streets, continually moving above, beyond and against the grain while staying connected to hardcore, mainstream and a diverse range of listeners. Douglas Masters proves that he is "Hip-Hop" on every track he blesses. The past, present and future are all represented to the fullest dimension on his projects and no one can walk away from the listening experience without feeling they just heard something incredible. After seeing his performances, hearing his solo projects and listening to him shine on various collaborations, hardcore fans have become Cyber Punks, demanding to know why this artist is not in every record store and touring all over the world, being seen and heard by the people he represents so effectively. But, thankfully, that's all about to change. Having already served up countless MC's in battle and on mix tapes, Douglas Masters is taking it to the next level by combining forces with Dr. Birthday (The Douglas Masters All-Stars).You can almost hear history being made already. With another destined-to-be-a-classic album, on its way. Douglas Masters is here to stay and his unique sound will stand the test of time. Stay strong, cause now will change soon, Darts and harpoons.

THE DOUGLAS MASTERS ALL STARS actually aren't that big, yet... they're kinda like your husky pal everyone calls "Tiny." The nine-piece from D.C. makes up for its size with a high- energy sound steeped in classic Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz and Rock tradition. With acoustic, bass and electric guitars, keyboard and syntisizer, the occasional masterful lyric, a minimal drum kit (haha joking Matt-E) and the always reliable washboard, the guys and gal concocts a rousing, hyper and authentic brand of Hip Hop that sounds like what might come out of that secret meth lab nestled deep in the backwaters of the Mississippi delta.

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"If Hip Hop should die before I wake" Part 1

2007-06-04 07:51:25

"If Hip Hop Should die before I wake" Part 2

2007-06-04 07:50:28

Old-School Hip-Hop? Why no "classic" hip-hop

2007-04-23 09:51:17


2007-04-23 09:49:50



Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.

June God's Girls H20 mix

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Fantasy Island MIX

- Fellatio Workshop - Women Only (7:30- 9:00PM) Nolan`s (Adams Morgan) - 2323 18th Street NW, Washington DC www.moxieinthecity.n et

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Jordan's March Mix 1

What life have you if you have not life together? There is no life that is not in community, Douglas Masters

Pizza Kitchen April Mix

Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed. If we don't end war, war will end us. Douglas Masters


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Hey Just wondering if that cd was ever sent? Perhaps those post office folks were a little sloppy. No worries either way, just curiouse. Ciao


Bertrand...i've finally got that hip-hop francais mix ready for you...but lost your address. email me at setakaz@hotmail.com if you're interested in it


No worries, hope you are alright, looks pretty rough. Don't stress, some things are better with age.... like wine! I await your cd with anticipation! Ciao


Glad you liked it. Instead of mailing it, I could have walked down the street to hand it to you! I'll look forward to yours. Mike


Bertrand-I've been working up the courage to ask-What do think about a swap? Drop me a line and I'll forward my email if you're up for it-


Man, you write proper words and make proper mixes. I really like your blog. Problem with music that is progressive is that the mass audience don't like to be challenged. At all. It's a situation that will continue to frustrate me forever, but for my small part in it I just keep applying gentle pressure in the hope that it accumulates from different sources and something gives. See you on MySpazz. MxBx


email me - I'd love to trade with you . . . reception@americanpropertycc.com

Ryan Mixtape

Bertrand... I've read your blog and I've read your mix descriptions. Why the hell aren't you contributing Featured Articles to the site? You write well, you're thoughtful, and you've got imagination to spare. And, um, you sorta love music. I'm calling you out man. DC to DC. Really.


got your package --- thanks for the photographs! A very nice surprise to go along with the excellent mix :)


wicked. Tell me where to send it and it is on its way.


just one more day til Friday...I can't wait to hear some of your personal brand of hip-hop!! and if it's good enough, I might send some French old-school hip-hop right back at you. je vous souhaite une bonne journée...


Bertrand, The Raven, I am vibing a rather blues-y wave length... heavy bass lines, and deep voices, mellow. You can only dance with your eyes closed to the mix I have in my head... Want it?




You're so fancy Bertrand- Yes, I believe we went to the same AA group in '88. Remember...I did that dance routine to Supersonic?? My bangs were super tough that day. I am waiting for some mixes!!


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